Page 154 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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iso ,?y D"aannb .nnn narca ?y o^nm amx'a : “i ? a n i n a
.x pbn .n"awn ,pbpna .tnxstrn pnr nxa .miay
Notes on the Mishneh Torah of Moses Maimonides, by Rabbi Isaac Reitfart.
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nryioa nnxm nnyn ,Dmx,a i D ^ irn :D” n
/ay xm .n*atwi ,p?pna /pwn o^n nxa ♦□"aann vosm
Notes and comments on various parts of the Talmud and on the Mishneh
Torah of Maimonides, by Rabbi Hayyim Rosin.
p nxa .o"wn rvpaioa onw a i D ^ irn : n ^ na*>a
/ay 216 .n"awn /iaxp*rc .?xn&
Notes and comments on various parts of the Talmud, bv Rabbi Ben Zion
nxa .anniain Q’^n marca annual o"wn ’bw by : p nx n*a
♦n"atyn .a .nrnw iK .a pw .Taa pnx
The third volume of a Talmudic encyclopedia, emphasizing the method­
ological principles of the Talmud and its personalities, by Aaron Magid, a
survivor of the European holocaust.
D^n naa ♦mama 'oab ninan d* ,«ran nna
,r \"w i n ^ n
nan a
♦C’sn T's .rawn ,*a*o ,.■>.a .aniT pmr
Responsa and notes on the Talmudic tractate Ketubot, by Rabbi Hayyim
Isaac Jeruhem, 1864-1942, who lived in Europe.
,naaa ,paa vra maw ,traam by am irai D^rrn
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/ay n"sp .n"awn ,p?pna .jm *>ibnnnatp ,v?x naa .maxi ,nbn
Notes on that portion of Maimonides’s Mishneh Torah dealing with
money damages, theft, and loss of property, by Rabbi Elijah Simha Halevi
?mtzp *>aixa nxa D*>anaai mawn *ioix :B>aw> ■’ nstz; a a n
D«n nrca nxa Dp'ra .nbixan rpyn ?y naitwnn o?iyn nanba >asba
.a pbn ..T'awn ,nnxsn ,p?p*na .ixba onsK
A collection of responsa and letters by traditional rabbis before the First
World War, critical of Zionism, collected by Chajim Bloch, a voluminous
writer on Hasidism in Austria, now living in this country.
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nabna onaxa :m i n *» ma * ? n
/ay rxn ,n^ma nso .x pbn .n*wn ,.■> .a .imp pan a*? mi,T nxa
On Halachah and Jewish ethics on the basis of the Pentateuch (vol. 1,
Genesis), by Jehudah L. Kagan, a rabbi and dean of Yeshivot in Belgium,
France and the United States.
maom *yiTxa /jabt *vwaw Y'lanx nxa .nmn n a ? n nvabn
,Dn’Dnn nm ,pbpna .ibtz? nny )nbw
by tia?n maw :v?x
.a w rb .n"awn
On the laws of Torah study, by Shneor Zalman, of Ladi, the founder of
Habad Hasidism more than a century and a half ago.