Page 155 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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o^n nwa nxa .niniax^a nyntn *m ontttip : Em p n n a n 'm
/ay a"b jrawn ^ j /ix?a ansx
Against artificial insemination from a traditional point of view, by Chajim
nxa .a*a ,a"a ,p"a mnaoa ?y j t by a a a ^ n ^an » i/n n
/ay ran ♦rrrwn
n a ^ a D*rabn nan /rtba^p ♦rairan
On three tractates of the Talmud by Hayyim Rabinowitz, dean of the
Telshe Yeshivah in Lithuania, who died in 1930.
nxa .anyia^ mna^b nmnn by
w it s i
a*im*pn p ax m a n
/ay a"bn .n^awn ;p?pina .ixanyns tmyn >ax
Notes and comments on the Torah for Sabbaths and holidays, by Rabbi
Zevi Hersh Friedman.
♦wn as*? aitra'p ^aan nxa .n"ix
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?y taia-QT* nnn a
n ,,n n"ix pbna mabn *»tDnp,?n n"s ja^o .a pw .n'own ,pbpna
/ay rw
On several parts of Joseph Caro’s Shulhan Aruch, by Rabbi Hananyah
Yom-Tov Lipman Deutsch, a teacher in American Yeshivot for many years.
..Town ,am
.poran (nt^a) oma nxa .a*>nay a ’ ana
/ay n"a
The Hebrew writings of the late Dr. Morris Robinson, who in his early
youth had a traditional education in Europe, but became a physician in
this country.
/♦*>J .nyt:bx bxiaty nxa .o"tz;n nmx ?y p a i p b nna *tnp?
♦Pi^n mo .n pw .raizm
The fourth volume of notes on the Agadot, the non-legal portions of the
Talmud, by Rabbi Samuel Alter.
]nan aibw nxa .onns ima pawn nana
w it s
ay :nx* ?s » m a
/ay r^n .x pbn .n"awn ,pbpina .o” *n
Volume 1 of the Midrash Peliah with a new commentary, by Rabbi Shalom
Weiss of Brooklyn, N.Y.
♦rw w in a"aann
•?y amx*»ai a w r n n n ^ x n n n a
/ay 200 .x pbn .n*awn ,pbpma .tamp i,t?x nxa
Notes and comments on the Talmud and the Mishneh Torah of Maimon­
ides, by Rabbi Eli Quint of Brooklyn, N.Y.
annax nxa .a^oisi o"wn by a^vrm ,amxa ,n
" w
p v nna
/ay n"an .n*awi .a ,]xaxp pan ' ’nna
Responsa, and notes on the Talmud and on the works of the medieval
codifiers, by Rabbi Abraham M. Kagan of Corona, N.Y.