Page 156 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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The Se/er
by Judah ben Samuel he-Hasid, who died in Germany
in 1217. This is one of the most important ethical works of medieval Judaism.
This last of a three volume edition is accompanied by an extensive com­
mentary by Rabbi Abraham Price.
.n"atwi ,♦*>j .lynxnaxaxbs apjp nxa .nnw max^a by : nntr n bi y
/ay o"p .x pw
On the labors prohibited on the Sabbath, by Rabbi Jacob Pflanzgraben.
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•D,*Tyi»ni nnnn by n*mm
.a pbn .n"awn /.*» j .pioxoa iry^x
Sermons by Rabbi Joseph David Rubin for Sabbaths and holidays.
,p"a ,naio ,nra ,D’nos nmaoa by Dmx’ai a w r n :n*nx
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,dw r a .n*atwi ,]xaw .w ,pbpna -ixaw mna» nxa .a’aipbi
/ay rrx
Commentaries on several tractates of the Talmud, by Aryeh Loeb Zuenz,
a prominent Talmudist, who died in Warsaw in 1833.
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/ay 62 .n"awn
naa ]iaa
The laws in the Talmudic tractate Nedarim, dealing with vows, by Isaiah
ben Mali di Trani, prominent Italian Talmudist of the 12th and 13th
♦annx m pnr nxa .ageism nabnn ^ba unx m n r y ’ “is
.a mx .*
The fourth volume of a Talmudic encyclopedia, by Isaac David Essrig,
for many years rabbi in Utica, N.Y.
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:Dnaa? p ’ x
,.*> .a .a’laimp bnaya anaa nxa .a*ym xpxipa ’inn ny-nna
.n"awn ,nmnn nnnm nvya npn? paan
Responsa, comments on the Books of Joshua and Judges and other writings
of Rabbi Menahem Mendel Kirshbaum of Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
who perished during the last war.
.iwa .a anaa nanya amx’a .r?xi nor nxa .nays n as x n "
.x pw .n"awn ,nays naox paa ,.*>.a
Responsa, by Joseph Rosen, 1858-1936, a prominent Lithuanian Talmudist,
with notes and comments by various rabbis, edited by Rabbi Menahem M.