Page 157 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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W i e n e r — A m e r i c a n H e b r ew B o o k s
.TT?a a*? mm’ *101’ nxa .o"tzmnnnxi nmoia msm : n y
’ m y
♦a’no 'n .,yw ii ,rba nrpw’ ,w a ’bp
Sermons, by Rabbi Joseph Leib Bloch, who was associated with the Telshe
Yeshivah in Lithuania. He died in 1929.
*antn ’bxa p n’ys?’ nxa .j’tzrnp 'oa ^y :
" ’ -i ’pos*i msom
.n"own ,^bn om ,]’5pna .pnam pnx
by *nxb xxt» .p^xm
Comments on the Talmudic tractate Kiddushin, by Isaiah ben Mali di
amnx nxa . n n n n
n n b p s o x a a ’ a wn ]a m*in
.a nso iT w n ,.’ .a .b^n y^nn’
The second volume on ancient Jewish theology by Prof. Abraham Joshua
Heschel of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.
pnbx nonyn .nsn’x nxwa isoa^ anny ansio nm Dp? : a m x
tio .n'own mpnaxn nnnyn niYmonn t w piy ,.’ .a .ja w x
Selections of works by Hebrew writers who perished during the War in
Europe, edited by Elchanan Indelman, who himself survived the holocaust
and is now an educator in New York.
.w a jnan Tnrax nxa .ftnff’ nnwnan ’ai’y nso m m a
.n*atwi ,p?p*na «a mnna
On Jewish thought, by Avigdor Hacohen Miller.
.pi? pnr nanya .n^n-^n ’imp nnbm noix :m
x n?x
/ay 320 .i rio i*rawn ,nmnn nnnn nvya npnb paan ,.’ .a
The sixth volume of a collection of biographies of European rabbis and
scholars who perished during the war, edited by Prof. Isaac Lewin, of
Yeshiva University.
nmnonn t w piy ,.’ .a .ix’bx na’ nxa .an’w : a n n nwx
.n*atwi ,npnaxa nnayn
“The Wife of a Fisherman”; poems by Yafah Eliach.
nayn lrnnn ,.’ .a .nboai bm nxa .a’a’ay ’ab ra?nb pba : y aD i
/ay 21 .n*atwi mpnaxa nnayn nmnonn ayoa
A dictionary for those learning Hebrew, arranged by subjects, by Rachel
d ^ iy s ay a w n ’a? nnnn ’pm npy : B ’ &atyai a ’ pin
.n"D^n ,o rm
.rn n a in nxa .n’^aaxa
The principal laws of the Torah according to subjects with comments in
English, by David Bridger.