Page 158 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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n n u a l
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piy ,.*>.a .trams ryaw nanya . n s i r x a ? xm ? * naan
/ay 430 .n"awn ,npnaxa nnayn mmnonn
On Jewish scholars and Jewish scholarly institutions in Europe during the
past century, edited by Rabbi Simon Federbush, a leader in the World
Jewish Congress.
*pons ‘imbx nxa . n ’ baax a o ’ ?>ann n s oi n a , tm s a wan
.mw «n-n^Kia .x pbn .n*atwi ,ana ,.*>.a .patrpba .a*i
The first volume of the Pentateuch with exercises in English by Elijah
Persky and Rabbi Gerald J . Blidstein, covering the first five Torah portions.
bxiatz; *T-?y nxiaai nw ia *sb in y nso-’nnb Dpb : nmnn ’ pn
.n"awn ,nayn Tiann naty? nawbp .ritzma
The laws of the Torah, arranged by subjects for school use, by Samuel
Nachshon, published by the Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education.
.D*>pw 'a .lYwn /2ns ,/».a .tmip na^w nxa .ma’b nso : i aa y
} 1 w
“The Language of Our People”; a text-book by Shelomo Kodesh.
.n"awn ,.■>.a .D'^aban nxa .on'w : nx * ? a i ?tt?a
Poems by the Malbim (pseud.?).
v b w
D’aanan noaa ,.■>.a /nyi wainn ma’? :na
n ns o
.x p?n .n"at2?n ,Dnmxan
The first annual of the Educators’ Assembly of the United Synagogue of
America, dealing with the study of the Pentateuch and other subjects.
nyanxa nnnnn D’?an nx bbian nay-’baaxi ’?aax-nay pba : ■> na y n
.n"atyn ,pna ma .a .*iia-nxna na?ty nxa nayn
A Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew vocabulary for the text-book pre­
pared by the Marenofs.
□yt:a nayn uninn .a ,’xbs nwa nxa . tpnnn d ? i y a n n a y
.n"atpn ,npnaxa nnayn mmnonn
“Hebrew in the New World,” by Moshe Peli.
nm l a w nwa nxa ma’b nso 5m a n a n m o ’ n n a y
/ay i l l .x pbn .n"styn ,nnn\n m a’bb ntman ,iap’ty .pnatpa’i
/ay i l l .a-a pbn
“Elementary Hebrew,” a text-book, by Moshe Steiner and David Wein­
stein, published by College of Jewish Studies in Chicago.
nso ay .anatpns nna nxa .pn man mpiaw nnay : nyx? nyx
.n"awn .a .nman
“Step by step”; Hebrew for small children, by Baruch Frischberg.
/janb .p D*»n nxa .tr^nnab nnayn nswi ma’?b nso n a b b ?p
.□’p?n 'a .n*atwi .a .a nna .max p?pi inn apy>
“Easy to Teach: A Text-Book of the Hebrew Language for Beginners,”
by Hayyim K. Lerman, Jacob Rosen and Kalman Agusi.