Page 159 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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ien er
— A
m er ican
eb r ew
v mt?yv
t i t ?
.3 .’^xa’a .’ Txa nxa naiya ♦tiso : n n n a y a w
/ay 43 a p’rn /ay 42 .x p*?n .n"awn ,m«Tn Tn’nn nyi
“Seven Candlesticks,” a story edited for young people by Meir Michaeli,
published by the Jewish Education Committee in New York.
.3 .tjyroa "a ra t :” ,, ^ya nxa .y"iw ?y n"iu/ : pn
’ 3a x
Responsa by Jekuthiel Judah Teitelbaum, 1808-1891, rabbi in Sziget,
/p^Tna ♦ww>a wnya an nn nxa .r'tnai nnox n^a ?y n n n x
♦D’sn a,7a .rrawn /tz^’T” a
On the Book of Esther, by David Dov Berish Meisels, 1812-1875, a rabbi
in Eastern Europe.
♦pfxaioa p’t”x pnx’ nxa ♦rmo’xa iax3 nnx ny ’3’n ?y : t a x 3 n * a
rnnx nxa nnw rrw oy imaa) .D’sn
,A? .rawn ,]xany»ns ♦’ .x
(.nyans ’ax
About the laws concerning a sole reliable witness in controversies about
prohibited actions, by Rabbi Isaac Chaber, of Suwalki, first published in 1881.
♦D’pw 'a wY'awn /jxaoxna
nor nxa .n
: n m s i a
♦D’sn V'a ,n"3
Responsa, by Rabbi Joseph Engel, 1859-1919, of Cracow, Poland, one of
the outstanding scholars of his time.
.3 .pan ntz/a ^xnw’ p na^tr nxa .m x
?y n a ^ t y i ’ 3a
♦D’sn t/7d .a p*?n .D’an rro .x pw .Y'tzm /jxaoxna
Notes on the first part of Joseph Caro’s Shulhan Aruch, dealing with the
ceremonial law, by Solomon ben Israel Moses Hacohen of Wilna. This work
was first published in 1889.
□y ,?’p3yns D’aixn *rna nxa .o"wn ntrw ?y D’urn’n : d y d t n a
,p’x ’3a aiaxa na’t?’
.3 .QXDunaSn D”n nxa ,D”n ’nan nvnn
Notes on the Talmud, by Baruch Teomim-Fraenkel, a rabbi in Austria-
Hungary during the first half of the 19th century.
a’1? nnx nxa ♦r'rrn naoa ?y D’tzm’n n n x n n
.x pw ♦rrawn ^nyanya^’t i’a’3a
Notes on the tractate Hullin, dealing with the dietary laws, by Aryeh
Loeb Zunz, outstanding Talmudic scholar, who died in Warsaw in 1833.
n3pma mnna /pai3’an an D”n nxa *n’xan •? x n rc ’ ’ a ’ n a n
.n"aE/n ,D”nn?s
.3 .nisoia oy
A summary of Jewish history, by Chaim Dov Rabinowitz.