Page 160 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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"Kina lya i! nxa ♦ntmp iso ,a*aar iso ,miay iso :?*mzp m
npan ,r^pna .jionnx in bxiaE; n^n *"y n*?aax? Banna ,ra i»
.rrawn /.ms aaa
On Jewish customs and ceremonies by Dob Baer Abramowitz, 1860-1919,
one of the early Orthodox rabbis in the United States who served last in
St. Louis. This work also is accompanied by an English translation.
.a w Y'a .n 'wn ,)xaoxna
.a .ayaa »Dna nxa
m a n nn
(.nmasto apy* nxa
,m n
^ a ay *piaa)
Responsa, by Mordecai Benet, 1753-1829, rabbi in Brno, now Czechoslovakia.
a*aitwn nvrna x*p*rrT xan xVi^n ^yawnfurn jD’ p’ i x i n a r
oxia oisi .a ♦ranxiiw a^yr onas nxa .ammmpi nm ai\n iy
♦B’s i
.iT'awn /rynsi
The dates of death and biographical notes on noted rabbis past and
present, by Pinchas Zelig Schwartz, for many years a rabbi in Hungary. This
book was first published 30 years ago.
.x p*?n .n"at?n /ixaoxna
.a .■’pxxbs p nxa nxa . b x
u p
* m a n
n"*p .o"wa amx*a .a pw .a*si Y7a ,rap .a^aann rww nnyn
.a w
Notes on the Talmud and on Maimonides, by Meir Dan Plocki, 1867-
1928, a rabbi in Eastern Europe.
.n"ny *"trpsi a*tmai
?y a^isbsi a ^ n ’n it nam* ’ i o n
nxa .B*poisi
o " v n v
ni*aio n"* by a^is?s : tnain* nnaa —
.ax*?En?xa a^yr a^n apy* nxa a*mm mnan ♦rwa^x tnaw*
.a’s i a"a ,ra .n*at&n ,naiai a^n .a
Notes on the Talmud, Midrash and on Rashi’s commentary on the Torah,
by Jonathan Eybeschuetz, 1690-1764, controversial chief rabbi of Altona,
Hamburg and Wandsbeck.
m^a ta*?T no^x nanya /nnn1? tznpia ’yia^ *pxa : m i n b’ l a*
.n"awn ,ixaox*ia .a .a*y"a*om ,pn?o .nxwxaxa pa^aa nrcai
♦aw a
n m
.a w s"p .a natz; ♦aw Y'ap ,x naw
A rabbinic weekly, published in Slutsk, Russia, 1909-12, by Rabbi Issar
Zalman Meltzer, who eventually settled in Israel, and Rabbi Morris Benjamin
Tomashoff, 1878-1960, who served in a congregation in Brooklyn for many
.rY'atrn ,o” n .* ,p?pna .rwa*x tnain* nxa .m in i i w a i n n y *
♦B’oi i l l .a pw .a*si
.x pw
Sermons, by Jonathan Eybeschuetz.
Ena? .x jrawn ,o*ina a*nx oisi
.a ,ns* *ama nxa m o n a ?
a*si a"yp .ant may una*? .a ,a*si
.nnn tm'? .a .n?ann
.a*si rap
my ma? .n ,a*si y s .taanxi nan unab .*7