Page 161 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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mn?n) nnp’ px mn? oy ’Dixpnn '’s .’ -n .D’sn
.nm i mn1? .1
K’rawn mn?n) nnp’ ms ;(’y’wnn mnbn) np’n mx K’Ttpyn
.O’sn 'b /b / n ,n7/? .pxn mix "iso
A code of Jewish law patterned after the Shulhan Aruch, by Mordecai
Jaffe, 1530-1612, rabbi in Lublin.
D”n bxnm nxa .nmn ?o ?w m?snn mo by : n " ’ nn a ’ Di pb
.D’sn rbp 'p ,n7,ap .D’pbn
.n"nwn ,
,r ?pm .^xanns
Notes on the prayerbook, by Rabbi Israel Hayyim Friedman of Rachov.
This book was first published at the turn of the century in Hungary.
,y 'v
,nn ?yi ynwn m’ tzns ’"sy anaxa : nn in ’ D i p?
,DH’onn nxix ,r?pnn .n nxxin .jabr mx’jw n"ianx nxa .tzrn’m
.nnnn pbn .D’sn
.nnnan .2 pbn .D’sn 54 .xnp’ i .x pbn .n'own
mnym mnnsa .n pbn .o’sn 51 .D’Yiyn yw .n p?n .D’sn 119
.D’sn 79 .pxomxw ?niya Dnaa nxa
Comments on the portion of the week, covering Leviticus, Numbers, and
Deuteronomy, also sermons for the holidays and on the Song of Songs, by
Shneor Zalman of Ladi. A new section of notes has been added by Rabbi
Menahem Mendel Schneersohn, the present leader of Habad Hasidism.
,.’ .a .nnbp nabw nxa .ma nsoa ?y n*mxi nmn ’mnn :.nna ’ a
.D’sn tro ,T"yp .n"nwn ,
Notes on the Talmudic tractate Niddah, by Solomon Kluger, 1783-1869,
for many years rabbi in Brody, Galicia, a prolific author in the rabbinic field.
,x":i jvown /ixaoxn* ,.’ .a .’xm s?x npy’ nxa
: xa bxa
.D’Sn T"’
Responsa, by Jacob Alfandari, 1650-1783, rabbi in Constantinople.
xjdu; d w nxa .Y'l’
t w
?y rasn by mxn : Di ?w nnawa
.D’sn Y'o ,Y'sp .n'wn ,Tna”ii .n ,.’
A commentary by Shalom Shachna Czerniak, an East European rabbi at
the turn of the century, on the Peri Megadim, by Rabbi Joseph Teomim,
1727-1793, of Lemberg, Poland, and Frankfort on the Oder, Germany. This
latter work in turn was a commentary on Joseph Caro’s Shulhan Aruch.
.D’sn [To] .n'ot^n ,.’
.no’x bxnm nxa
: mn x n?na
(.b’:uy hoi’ nxa .nms p oy imoa)
Responsa, by Israel Isser ben Zeev Wolf, rabbi in Vinnetsa, Russia, who
died in 1829.
/ixaoxna ,.’
.naaxbo nbxn nxT p bxnm nxa . n: nnn nso
(.’xma pnx’ nxa n’xp nm’n miry oy inina) /ay n"p .n"nwn
A reprint of a journal edited by Israel Lipkin (Salanter), 1810-1883, the
founder of the Musar movement in Eastern Europe, which attempted to
bring renewal to Judaism by deepening its ethical foundations. This journal
was published originally in 1861.