Page 162 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
nxa .Dias ia’ao xxaaw
u n w t y
pos n ’ xp ’ m a ’ a mt t ’ y
.ow 7n .n"awn /ixaoxna ,.’ .a .’ma pnr
A legal decision in a dispute about a ritual slaughterer, whose knife was
not in order, by Isaac Norzi, Talmudist in 18th century Ferrara, Italy.
,n:nm D” n ,.’ .a .aanxpa pnbx pnr nxa
.y " w i y n " w
: pn x ’ t *
.D’sn n"?p .a p?n .D’sn n"? ,an .x pbn .n"awn
Responsa, by Isaac Elhanan Spektor, 1817-1896, rabbi in Kovno, Russia,
outstanding leader of Russian Jewry. The rabbinical seminary of Yeshiva
University in New York is named after him.
r o .pan nwa ■rxnw’ p naw nxa
: D ^ n a ’ xy
(.?"an nxa nabw ran oy TTiaa) .D’sn
Notes on the second part of Joseph Caro’s Shulhan Aruch, dealing mainly
with the dietary laws, by Solomon ben Israel Moses Hacohen of Wilna. This
work was first published in 1903.
/pbpna ,.’ .a .pxaxta nmn’ naw nxa .*n’i n"ix by : ’ "w ins?
.D’sn a"p ,a"op .n"awn ,D’btzm’
A commentary on the first two parts of the Shulhan Aruch of Joseph Caro,
by Solomon Judah Tabak, a Hungarian rabbi, who died in 1907.
.a .DTitiwax ,D” n
y y
n>na*n^ ’aan nxa .m a i w m mbxw
nxa .txp m ra ntj’y ov
*vd&) ♦aw [#"?] *ratwi ,ixawna
(♦’x-na pnx’
Responsa, by the scholars of the Yeshivah Ets Hayyim, in Amsterdam,
Holland, in the 18th century.
manba nmn
/pwrnx tirpn ’ax nxa .n"xn nana n n w
.n"awn ,nana*t D” n ,.’ .a .xma a’? nnx nxa ,nnx
Responsa, by Rabbi Zebi Hirsch Ornstein, who died in Lemberg in 1888,
with notes by his son-in-law, Aryeh Loeb Broda.
nTjpbxi xanxTina w i ,
» D” n nxa .tpbiwan am n"*i w
.n"awn ,nanai D” n ,.’ .a .?bn p
Responsa, by Hayyim of Volozhin, 1749-1821, founder of the famous
Yeshivah in his home town.
’ax nnx nxa .o"wn ’b?a Dy nbsni nana ’an ?y tmwn n ’ w
r s .rawn ,]xaoxna ,.’ .a .nyans
On prayers and on Talmudic methodology, by Aryeh Zvi Frommer, a
European rabbi, of Hasidic origin, who lived at the turn of the century.
,.’ .a .pxTba’a ?xpm’ ’ax nxa
.y "w
r \"w
: nnx ’ i w n ’ n
.D’sn trb ,a"xp .n"awn ,]xaox-n
Responsa, by Zebi Ezekiel Michelson, 1863-1942, a rabbi in Warsaw.