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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
h a lom
, M
ic h a e l
Christian travels to Palesttine: eyewitness accounts
of the Jewish settlement. Tel Aviv, Dvir, 1965. 863 p.
Selected accounts of Christian travelers in Israel from the beginning
of the 4th to the end of the 19th century. The accounts are presented
in Hebrew translation, together with comments and a comprehensive
introduction to the history of the Jewish settlement in Palestine in the
light of these accounts.
nor nanya . a x n a w a x a a * b a * i a x m D H ' p s n n m x
n x a trc*n aw n nn?wb rnuxn ,a*?ttm* .pban t*a*aai ?xi*
/ay 303 ,29 .n"awn ,bX1W*
a*mna "npibn„n Toia? *ax*nawaxn Tanan bw a*anaan ns*bn
♦nnyn *yn*xa 1827-1825
Letters of Amsterdam officials and administrators. Ed. by Yosef Yoel and
Binyamin Rivlin. Jerusalem, Society for the Study of the Old Yishuv,
5725. 303 p.
Exchange of letters from the Amsterdam center to the Halukah
authorities in Palestine from 1825-1827, together with comments.
♦19-n nxaa nayn a im
m * T ?m
•B*?am* .a a m a x ,
* b a n
.rarcn ,*rbx ,a*ax ?n
.p m r t a na naipn .aw*n nn?m ?y an a x a *ioix
iv l in
, A
B. Jerusalem: history of the Jewish settlement in the 19th
century. Introduction by David Ben Gurion. Tel Aviv, Aleph, 5726. 144 p.
.r a i r r a 'a in a*atpna pban .* *ana .*pi* n?*aa .*
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* / t * b a * i
,ratpn ,j?*xna n trow a ix ,p nai
aiw*n nnbmb aitzm nam anai mainyn ima loaia anaxan
.a*bbian r a ta l aitp*n ipoy nn nanan . t m nxaa a w i ’a nayn
iv l in
, Y
o s e f
Yosef’s scroll: the writings of Y. Rivlin from 5622-5656. Ramat
Gan, Bar Ilan University, 5726. 252 p.
Essays culled from newspapers and containing important material on
the 19th century Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. The author was an
important functionary in this community which he describes.
nna mn* mpa *w*x p*oa .?aam tptasn in .(B*anaos) * a y - i a
/ay 231 .1965 naiy ay ,a*ax ?n .mxyian
.ia*a*a n*on mn* bt? a**nm *nnn by
m i
Between the hammer and sickle: a personal memoir of Soviet
Jewry. Tel Aviv, Am Oved, 1965. 231 p.
,a*?yis nnso ,a*ax ?n . n^o i n m a n y a a
i n* a * x ? p n
/ay 422 .1965
nm nn mat?*nnn nnbin? tznpian naab*i *
* ?t? inanya ymp
.iax ia*a*a naannb iy t m nxan n*twna ?nn n*ona