Page 209 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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E s h k o l , L e v i .
The way up. Collected and ed. by Yehuda Erez. Tel Aviv,
Ayanot, 5726. 499 p.
The collected essays of Israel’s Prime Minister which appeared over
a period of some decades on the problems of the Yishuv and the State.
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B e n Zv i, Y i z h a k .
vols. (The remnant; essays and studies in
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history of the Jewish settlement in Palestine; the exiled of Israel; studies
and sources; memoirs.) Jerusalem, Yad Ben Zvi, 5726.
Rahel Ben Zvi is one of the editors. Four additional volumes are to
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S e t z e r , S h lom o Zvi.
Selected writings: studies and essays. Tel Aviv, published
by the author’s townsmen, 5726. 468 p.
The works of a Hebrew and Yiddish author who lived in America
for some 50 years before coming to Israel. The book includes a bibli­
ography and evaluation of his work.
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*nms3 nnn; *m onsion *p*nYin inx w *i*ns*o bn oia*a
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Z em a c h , S h l o m o .
Stories. Jerusalem, 5726. 2 vols. 398, 417
p .
A complete collection of this veteran author’s short stories.
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.1965 /firm nmn ,n*nx ?n
t e in m a n
, E
l ie z e r
Three volumes of his collected writings: vol. I: the green
mountain; vol. II: bless my soul; vol. I l l : meditations. Tel Aviv, Tarbut
V’hinukh, 1965.
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S h a l o m , Sh .
Writings. Tel Aviv, Yavneh,
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