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the silver jubilee of the Jewish Book Council of America. This
enlarged volume will include contributions from outstanding
literary figures in the United States, Israel, and other countries.
Among those who have accepted assignments for this volume are
Charles Angoff, Dr. Isaac Barzilai, Dr. Shlomo Bickel, Dr. Joseph
L. Blau, Dr. Samuel M. Blumenfield, Dr. Martin A. Cohen,
Dr. Abraham G. Duker, Dr. Erich Goldhagen, Dr. Immanuel
Jakobovits, Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Dr. Lothar Kahn, Dr. Mordecai
Kosover, Dr. Joseph C. Landes, Marvin Lowenthal, Dr. Harry
M. Orlinsky, Dr. David Patterson, Bernard Postal, Dr. Cecil
Roth and Dr. Elias Shulman.
One of the features in the next volume will be a series of
surveys and evaluations of different aspects of Jewish literature
during the past quarter century.
In Jewish Bookland
In Jewish Bookland
continues to serve as the only vehicle
devoted exclusively to reviews of Jewish books in English, Hebrew
and Yiddish. In September, 1965, an enlarged issue was published
to release an accumulated backlog of reviews. There is a need
for an expansion of this periodical to provide adequate treatment
to the growing number of books being published and to make
possible the prompt publication of reviews.
The cooperation of over fifty authorities in different branches
of Jewish literature renders possible the publication of authentic
reviews. The Editorial Board of
In Jewish Bookland
consists of
Alexander Alan Steinbach, editor; Lionel Koppman, managing
editor; Mortimer J . Cohen, consultant; Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew
books; Sol Liptzin, Yiddish books, and Charles Angoff, Bernard
J . Bamberger, Morris Epstein and Solomon Grayzel.
Program Material and Booklists
To meet specific needs that were evident, the Council published
two new booklists:
The Jew in Russia: A Selected Listing
Philip Goodman and
Historical Fiction on Jewish Themes: A
Selected Bibliography
by Harold U. Ribalow. In addition, the
following materials, some in large quantities, were made avail­
The Jewish Book Council of America: Its History and Program,
by A. Alan Steinbach
A Manual for Jewish Community Center, School and Congre­
gation Libraries,
by Sophia N. Cedarbaum
Jewish Book Fairs: A Planning Guide,
by Abraham Kasten-
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