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president. Mr. Bass, who had served as vice-president of the
Jewish Book Council since 1962, is a member of the editorial
board of the Jewish Book Annual; chairman of the editorial
board of the Workmen’s Circle, of which he is a former national
vice-president; a member of the National Foundation for Jewish
Culture and a board member of the Zukunft, Yiddish literary
monthly. He is the author of a number of books in Yiddish.
The Council also elected the following new officers: Vice-
Presidents—Dr. Samuel M. Blumenfield, Dr. Judah Nadich, Mrs.
Charles Schwartz and Leo W. Schwarz; Secretary—Mrs. Frank
Cohen; Treasurer—Rabbi Alter F. Landesman.
The newly elected president presented citations to the follow­
ing outgoing officers: Dr. Gilbert Klaperman—President; Dr.
Maurice Jacobs, Solomon Kerstein, Harry Schneiderman and
Harry Starr—Vice-Presidents; Dr. I. Edward Kiev—Secretary; Leo
Guzik—Treasurer. The citation to Dr. Klaperman read as follows:
“The Jewish Book Council of America, sponsored by the
National Jewish Welfare Board, presents this citation to Dr.
Gilbert Klaperman in appreciation of his faithful and loyal
service as president of the Council from 1962 to 1966. His devo­
tion to our cause has been an inspiration and encouragement to
his colleagues. Distinguished rabbi, author and communal leader,
Dr. Klaperman has made enduring contributions to the Amer­
ican Jewish community.
“The members of the National Committee of the Jewish Book
Council of America at the Annual Meeting on June 1, 1966,
offer him this token of their high esteem and gratitude.”
Responding on behalf of the outgoing administration, Dr.
Klaperman made the following remarks:
“I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Mr. Hyman
Bass and to his supporting officers on their election to the leader­
ship of the Jewish Book Council, and to wish them
Mazel Tov
and a successful and productive tenure of office. I want to assure
them, too, of my own continued support and cooperation.
“I want to extend my thanks, too, to Mr. Bass for his kind and
generous remarks. I am proud to accept the citation he has
presented to me as I am certain are all my co-officers. I have had
the privilege of working with these fine officers whose names
you have heard Mr. Bass mention. In them I found the true
meaning of unstinting cooperation. I am thankful, too, for having
been related to Rabbi Philip Goodman, our executive secretary.
In him I found the embodiment of true dedication and noble
friendship and inspirational service. To them and to the members
of the Executive Board, I extend my heartfelt thanks for the
four happy and fruitful years that we have worked together.
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