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D a v id P a t t e r s o n ,
Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical and Modern
Hebrew, University of Oxford.
D r . Z e v u lu n R a v id ,
lecturer in Hebrew literature, Teachers
Institute, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
H a r o l d
R i b a l o w ,
literary critic, author and anthologist,
whose most recent works are
Autobiographies of American
an anthology, and
Arnold Wesker,
a critical study.
L e o n S h a p i r o ,
writer on Russian-Jewish affairs; associate in the
University Seminary on International Research Methods,
Columbia University.
D r . E is ig S i l b e r s c h l a g ,
dean, Hebrew Teachers College, Boston;
author and educator.
S . D . S in g e r ,
literary critic; author of a book of essays (Workmen's
Circle, 1959); literary editor of
Unzer Weg.
M o s h e S t a r k m a n ,
essayist; associate editor of the six-volume
Leksikon fun der Nayer Yiddisher Literatur.
Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, author of eight books; honorary presi­
dent, Jewish Book Council of America; editor,
Jewish Book
In Jewish Bookland;
rabbi emeritus, Temple
Ahavath Sholom, Brooklyn, N. Y.
M a e W e in e ,
librarian, Beth Israel Library, Camden,
N .
J.; former
president, Jewish Library Association; author of the Weine
classification scheme for Jewish libraries.
R a b b i T h e o d o r e W i e n e r ,
supervisor, Hebraic Language Unit,
Descriptive Cataloguing Division, Library of Congress,
Washington, D. C.
R a b b i S a u l I s r a e l W is em o n ,
librarian, The Dropsie College for
Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia, Pa.
H a r r y Z o h n ,
associate professor of German, Brandeis Uni­
versity; executive director, Goethe Society of New England;
Wiener Juden in der deutschen Literatur;
Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl.