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poet and essayist, Shea Tenenbaum , has donated his collection
of more than 800 volumes, mostly in Yiddish, and w ith few
exceptions dedicatory copies from their authors to Mr. T en en ­
baum. From the Jewish Public Library in Montreal, Canada,
the Royal Library has received many of their Yiddish duplicates.
In addition to these, additional gifts have been received from
various donors, and thousands of books, old and new, in Hebrew,
Yiddish and several other languages, have been purchased. A
continuing effort is made to supplement the Jewish collections
in the Royal Library and to keep abreast of the flow of new
publications from all over the world.
Extensive Hebraica and Judaica
From the foregoing pages it becomes evident th a t the collec­
tions of Hebraica and Judaica in the Royal L ibrary of Copen­
hagen are very extensive, comprising an abundance of precious
works. Not only are all branches of Jewish lite ra tu re in all lan ­
guages represented, bu t a preponderant portion comprises num er­
ous different publications, old and recent, in some cases even
in manuscript, w ithin each respective branch.
T h e collection of rabbinic responsa of some 1,000 volumes,
to mention an illustrative example, includes among o ther rare
editions six volumes of
Peri Etz Hayim ,
published by the Sephar-
dic yeshiva of “Etz Hayim” in Amsterdam, 1728-74. Of interest
is also a collection of Karaite literature exceeding 100 items.
T h e Ethiopic section of Lazarus Goldschmidt’s collection in ­
cludes a number of Falasha literature.
Among the 400 manuscripts is the oldest collection of re ­
sponsa by Maimonides; his
Moreh N evukh im
in Hebrew w ritten
and richly illum inated in Barcelona, Spain, in 1348, of particu lar
importance in the history of book painting; also additional
manuscripts of special interest.
T he collection of Hebrew incunabula contains more than 60
volumes. Four are prin ted on parchment; one of them the second
edition of the Hebrew Bible, p rin ted in Naples, Italy, 1492, with
handw ritten massoretic notes.
Noteworthy among other rarities is the only ex tan t copy of
the Mahzor for the H igh Holydays, translated in to Old-Yiddish
and prin ted in Cracow, 1571 (complete), and the Mahzor T ann -
hausen, p rin ted in Tannhausen , Southern Germany, 1593 (the
only complete copy). Among the most recent acquisitions can
be noted a copy of the extremely rare
Kleiderordnung der
Frankfurter Juden ,
Frankfort, 1614.