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W i s e m o n — L i b r a r y
D r o p s i e C o l l e g e
4 9
T h e archives also possesses manuscripts and materials relating
to the Jewish Publication Society’s Bible translation, edited by
Dr. Max L. Margolis.
The library also possesses extensive holdings in the history
of the Jews of Philadelphia.
Under Public Law No. 480, sponsored by the Congress of the
United States, the Dropsie College participates in a Middle East
acquisition program of all publications issued in the State of
Israel. Dropsie College Library is the only institu tion under this
law tha t handles the Israeli acquisition program in the Ph ila­
delphia Union Catalogue Area. At present the library receives
some 350 periodicals regularly from all parts of the world.
T h e library to date has had three librarians since its inception
19 1 2
. From
19 13
to his retirement in
, the lib rarian was
Dr. Joseph Reider. He was succeeded by Mr. Maxwell Whiteman,
who served from 1959 to 1964. T h e incumbent librarian from
1964 to date is Rabbi Saul Israel Wisemon.