Page 13 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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The Jewish Book Council of America at its Annual
Meeting in New York Ci ty on May 23, 1967, unanimously
adopted the following resolution:
The selection by the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters
of Mr. Shmuel Yosef Agnon, foremost writer in the
pantheon of modern Hebrew literature, as the recipient
of the Nobel Prize for Literature for “his profoundly
characteristic narrative art with motifs from the life of
the Jewish people” has brought rejoicing to the Jewish
Book Council and its fifty-nine constituent organizations.
Mr. Agnon’s superb craftsmanship and captivating
artistry in the novel and short story, drawing their inspi-
ration from the faith and heritage of Judaism, have
unfolded the epic of the Jewish spirit in its millennial
quest for enduring values. He has depicted the dreams
and the mystery, the nostalgia and nightmare, the tragedies
and the triumphs of his people.
Through a rich literary corpus amassed over a period
of six decades, Mr. Agnon has limned the innermost self
of the Jewish soul. He has created a permanent testament
of the spiritual grandeur and the intense poignancy of
Eastern European life, thereby focusing attention upon
the Jewish people as a repository of culture, of human
striving, of courage and patience under trial and adversity.
We voice the prayerful hope that his great heart, his
gifted pen, and his Olympian mind will continue to enrich
his people and his fellowman.