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I l l
P o s t a l —
JWB ’s
R o l e i n C u l t u r a l L i f e
the JBC nurtured into an enduring national event that has
become incorporated into the program of thousands of local
Centers, synagogues, women’s organizations, youth groups, librar-
ies, schools, Hillel Foundations and other institutions in America
and abroad. In many communities local Jewish book councils
patterned after the national organization have grown up as Jew-
ish Book Month became an increasingly meaningful rallying
point for all Jewish cultural interests. Jewish Book Month in vari-
ous forms has been adopted in Canada, South Africa, Great
Britain, France, Argentina, Chile, Israel and Ireland. There is
even an Israeli branch of the American JBC which encourages
greater appreciation of American Jewish literature in Israel.
Apart from the leadership it has given to Jewish Book Month,
the JBC conducts a year-round program that stimulates wide
interest in and appreciation of Jewish books and authors, pro-
motes wider audiences for Jewish books and encourages Jewish
literary creativity. Its bi-monthly
In Jewish Bookland ,
the cul-
tural supplement of the
JWB Circle,
is the only periodical in
English whose entire contents are given over to reviews of and
news about Jewish books in all languages. For 22 years its columns
have endeavored to foster a desire to read and own Jewish books.
JBC’s tri-lingual
Jewish Book Annua l
has for 25 years been
the recognized source of contemporary Jewish literary history
and information. Its articles, bibliographies and other materials
constitute an annual mirror of Jewish literary creativity through-
out the world.
The JBC's modest but much sought-after annual awards to
the authors, respectively, of the best Jewish novel in English
in the United States, the best Jewish juvenile in English, out-
standing published volumes of authentic Jewish poetry in He-
brew, Yiddish and English, and the best works in English on
Jewish thought and on the Holocaust have done much to encour-
age Jewish writers and to stimulate greater creativity in con-
temporary Jewish literature. The Council’s annual citations to
community Jewish libraries for meeting well-established criteria,
already awarded to about 200 libraries, constitute a significant
factor in encouraging the growth of such libraries.
Through bibliographies, standard-setting, exhibits, library aids,
and programming guides, JBC has provided immense impetus
to local Jewish book fairs, reading circles and Jewish home
libraries, encouraged the presentation of Jewish book collections
to libraries, and has promoted Jewish books as gifts for family
celebrations, thus making Jewish literature an essential element
in the cultural programming of the Jewish community.