Page 17 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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The Jewish Book Council of America at its Annual
Meeting in New York City on May 23, 1967, unanimously
adopted the following resolution:
The Jewish Book Council of America proudly con-
gratulates Miss Nelly Sachs on her selection as winner of
the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966. Her verse, out-
standing in its sublime lyrical and dramatic qualities,
centers around the suffering, the anguish and hope of
her people crushed in the maelstrom of Nazi inhumanity.
Through her eloquent images and symbols, Miss Sachs
has created elegaic psalms which echo the heart’s outcry
for redemption in a tormented world. She laments for
the Jewish victims, but she is not obsessed by hatred for
the executioners; into her incantations she weaves delicate
strands of love and peace, of compassion and under-
Miss Sachs is cognizant of the mountainous evil that
prevails in the world, but over and over again she reminds
us of the invincible dream of a better society which man
must never relinquish. She comforts us with the hope that
this dream, phoenix-like, will rise out of the ashes of the
Holocaust, and man will learn anew to kindle the taper
of brotherhood in his heart.
For this humane voice in a strident era which saw
cruelty ascend the throne, we render thanks. For Miss
Nelly Sachs, now dwelling in Stockholm, Sweden, our
hearts pulsate with reverence, with appreciation, with