Page 184 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
the latest innovations in audio-lingual methods of teaching He-
brew in Israel and America.
The volume that w ill prove of particular interest to students
o f Jewish education is the one devoted to the “History o f Edu-
cation.” Un like other encyclopedias which treat subjects alpha-
betically, this volume is arranged according to periods and ages
in different lands and areas of civilization. For the first time the
Jewish school and educational institutions are receiving author-
itative treatment from B iblical days up to modern times, includ-
ing the years follow ing World War II. W ith due respect to the
hitherto published writings on the subject, some of which have
been mentioned, it is the encyclopedic volume on the “History
of Education” that brings together in a systematic way all the
sources and up-to-date findings on the subject. Of the nearly
1,000 pages dealing with the history of education on a global
scale, some 500 pages are devoted to Israel and Jewish education.
Th is is perhaps as it should be, considering that the volume is
published in the land that cradled commitment to Jewish learn-
ing at the dawn of its m illenn ial history and that its people have
established an impressive record of education in different lands,
in different epochs, w ithin a great variety o f societies, civiliza-
tions and forms of government. T h e volume has thus made up
for the accumulated deficit in the treatment of Jewish education
from the days of the Greco-Romans up to modern times.
The three published volumes of the
E n ts ik lo p e d ia H in u k h i t ,
in addition to contributing to general education in terms of
scholarly integrity and editorial structure, offer to the student
of Jewish education a rich source of information and inspiration
for many years to come.