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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
(Warsaw, Arkady, 1959) by Maria and Kazimierz
Piechotka treats the imaginative wooden synagogues, topped by
many-tiered roofs and often lavishly decorated, that once graced
the villages of Poland; and Otto Bocher, “D ie Alte Synagoge zu
Worms,” in
F estschrift zu r W ie d e r e inw e ih u n g d e r A l te n Syna-
goge zu W o rm s ,
edited by Ernst Roth (Frankfurt/M ., Ner Tam id ,
1961) which studies this late 12th-century synagogue, once the
oldest surviving one in Medieval Europe until the Nazis razed it
on that infamous day of November 9, 1938.
T h e dynamic new role the synagogue has assumed in the
United States as an active patron of the arts, especially since the
end of World War II, is the subject of a new book by Avram
C on tem p o ra ry Synagogue A r t
(New York, Un ion of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1966). T h e many illustrations
in this book and the fine stylistic observations on contemporary
synagogue buildings and their religious appurtenances w ill ac-
quaint the reader with some of the major experiments and grop-
ings in synagogue art in the last twenty years.
Books about 19th- and 20th-century artists of Jewish origin,
men like Max Liebermann, Lesser Ury, Amedeo Modigliani, and
Jules Pascin, to list only a few, do not in my judgment come
w ithin the purview of Jewish art. T h e interested reader, how-
ever, may wish to examine some of the more objective books
about noted artists whose background is not only Jewish, but
whose works evince at times personal feelings toward the Jewish
religion or their Jewish upbringing. Among them are:
Jacques L ip c h i t z , H is S cu lp tu re
by Abraham M. Hammacher
(New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1961)
Jacob E p s te in , S cu lp tu re
by Richard Buckle (Cleveland, World
Publishing, 1963)
L a sa r Sega ll
by P. M. Bardi (Sao Paulo, Museum of Art, 1959)
L u d w ig M e id n e r
by Thomas Grochowiak (Recklinghausen,
Aurel Bongers, 1966)
M an e K a tz
by Alfred Werner (Tel Aviv, Massadah, 1959)
T h e G ra ph ic A r t of Jakob S te in h a rd t
by Haim Gamzu (New
York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1963)
B en Shahn , H is G raph ic W o rk
by James Thro ll Soby (New
York, George Braziller, 1957)
B en Shahn , P a in tin g s
by James Thro ll Soby (New York, George
Braziller, 1963)