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ibl ical
Books in Biblical Archeology
There has been no letup in the production of books in biblical
archeology. Miss Kathleen M. Kenyon published a useful work
A rchaeo logy in the H o ly L a n d
(London, E. Benn, 1960), and
H.J. Franken and C.A. Franken-Battershill produced
A P r im e r
of O ld T e s tam e n t A rcha eo log y
(Leiden, Brill, 1963). G.E.
Wright’s fine
B ib l ic a l A rcha eo log y
(1957) went into a revised
edition (1962), after the first edition had appeared in drastically
abridged form (and w ithout the illustrations and figures) as
In tro d u c t io n to ) B ib lic a l A rcha eo log y
(London, Duckworth;
Philadelphia, Westminster, 1960). J.B. Pritchard published a
fascinating biography of
G ib e o n—W h ere the Sun S to o d S t i l l
(Princeton University Press, 1962) and G.E. Wright did likewise
Shechem : T h e B io g ra ph y o f a B ib lic a l C i ty
(New York, Me-
Graw-Hill, 1965). Th e great dig at Hazor has been written up
for the serious student by Y. Yadin, w ith the assistance chiefly
of Y. Aharoni, R. Amiran, I. Dunayevsky, M. and T . Dothan,
and J. Perrot:
H a zo r ,
vols. I, II, III-IV (Jerusalem, Hebrew Uni-
versity Magnes Press, 1958-1961).
The Seventeenth Archaeological Convention of the Israel Ex-
ploration Society has appeared as
T h e B e th Shean Va lley
Hebrew; 5722-1962), the Eighteenth as
E la th
(in Hebrew; 5723-
1963), and the N ineteenth as
W e s te rn G a lilee an d the Coast of
Ga lilee
(5725-1965)—all on the high level of scholarship that
characterizes the work of the Society. Th is level is maintained in
T h e K in g d om s o f Israe l an d Judah
(in Hebrew; Jerusalem,
5722-1961; chapters by Y. Aharoni, H. Tadmor, B. Mazar, Y.
Yadin, S. Yeivin, and A. Malamat, editor). Together with Mosad
Bialik, the Society published what is now the standard work on
The A n c ien t P o tte ry o f E re tz Y israe l from its B eg inn ing s in the
N e o l i t [ h ] i c P e r io d to th e E n d o f the F irst T em p le
(in Hebrew;
Jerusalem, 5723-1963; the 358 photos and 101 plates were very
effectively distributed by S.Y. Shweig), by Ruth Amiran, assisted
by Pirhiya Beck and Uzza Zevulun. A very big boon for scholar-
ship is on its way in the form of an Archaeological Dictionary that
the Israel Exploration Society w ill publish in 1967.
In my 1960 survey, I could mention only vol. I,
T h e L aw
(Torah) of
V iew s o f the B ib l ic a l W o r ld ,
ed. M. Avi-Yonah and
A. Malamat. Since then the remaining four volumes have ap-
peared (with vol. V devoted to the New Testament), now under
the title
T h e (I l lu s tra ted ) W o r ld of th e B ib le
(New York, KTAV
Publishing House); this set should be in every library and home.
In 1962 M. Avi-Yonah and E.G. Kraeling put out a reduced,
one-volume version titled
O u r L iv in g B ib le
(New York, David