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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
McKay). In the same year there appeared two handsome volumes
by G. Cornfeld:
A d am to D a n ie l
D a n ie l to P a u l
(New York,
Macmillan); and in 1964 the same editor’s
P ic to r ia l B ib l ic a l En-
c yc lopa ed ia : A V isua l G u id e to th e O ld an d N e w T e s tam e n ts
(Macmillan). W. Keller’s
T h e B ib le as H is to r y
(1962; the title
of the German was
U n d d ie B ib e l ha t doch R e c h t—
whatever that
can mean to a competent historian!) was too “journalistic” and
gaudy for my taste. Th e companion volume, however,
T h e B ib le
as H is to r y in P ic tu re s
(New York, Wm. Morrow & Co., 1964),
is something else again; the three hundred or so pictures dis-
tributed among the first nine chapters (chapter ten, dealing w ith
the period of Jesus and the Apostles—follow ing a gap of about
three centuries—is tasteless, probably commercially motivated) are
interesting, clear, and informative. In this connection I might
cite S. Yeivin’s article “On the Use and Misuse of Archaeology
in Interpreting the B ib le,” in
P ro ceed in g s o f th e Am er ican
A ca d em y fo r Jew ish R e sea rch ,
34 (1966), 141-154.
E.F. Campbell, Jr. and D .N . Freedman have edited a very
B ib lic a l A rcha eo lo g is t R e a d e r , 2
vols. to date (Gar-
den City, Doubleday Anchor, vol. I, 1961; vol. II, 1964), bring-
ing together articles that had appeared previously in the
B ib lic a l
A rcha eo log is t.
J.A. Thompson has published a nice introduction
T h e B ib le an d A rcha eo log y
(Exeter, Paternoster Press, 1962).
A book that is more useful than its size (91 pp.) would indicate
is R .D. Barnett’s
I l lu s tra tio n s o f O ld T e s tam e n t H is to r y
don, British Museum, 1966). And this is as good a place as any
to mention an important volume that I overlooked in my earlier
survey, Beno Rothenberg’s handsome and informative
D isco v
eries in S ina i
(in Hebrew; Tel-Aviv, Masada, 5718-1958; with
chapters by Y. Aharoni, A. Hashimshoni, and B. Sapir).
Ancient Civilizations
Several of the important civilizations in antiquity that left their
mark on Biblical Israel have received fine treatment in recent
years. There is, e.g., S.N. Kramer’s book on
T h e Sum erian s: T h e ir
H is to r y , C u l tu r e , an d Cha rac ter
(University of Chicago Press,
1963); A. Leo Oppenheim’s penetrating study of
A n c ien t Meso-
p o tam ia : P o r tra i t o f a D ea d C iv i l iza tio n
(University of Chicago
Press, 1964); H.W.F. Saggs,
T h e G rea tness th a t was B a b y lon
(London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1962) and
E veryda y L if e in Baby-
Ionia an d A ssyr ia
(New York, Putnams, 1965); K.M. Kenyon’s
A m o r i te s an d C anaan ites
(London, Oxford University Press,
1966; the Schweich Lectures of 1963); C.H. Gordon,
B e fo re the
B ib le : T h e C omm on B a ck g roun d o f G reek an d H e b r ew C iviliza -
tion s
(New York, Harper
Row, 1962); E. Anati,
P a le s t in e be ­