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— B
ibl ical
fo re th e H e b r ew s
(London, Jonathan Cape, 1963); and N .
D e i t ie s an d D o lp h in s : T h e S to ry o f th e N a b a ta ean s
(New York, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1965). Two fascinating
books on aspects of the modern rediscovery of the ancient Near
East are Nora M. Kubie’s
R o a d to N in e v eh : T h e A d v en tu r e s an d
E x cava tion s o f S ir A .H . L a ya rd
(Garden City, Doubleday, 1964)
and John A. W ilson’s
S igns an d W o n d e r s u p o n Pha raoh
versity of Chicago Press, 1964). And there is now readily accessi-
ble, in
P en gu in Classics
(L 100, 1960),
T h e E p ic o f G ilgam esh :
An Eng lish Version w i th an In tr o d u c t io n ,
by N.K. Sandars.
Among the books that deal w ith the geography of the Holy
Land may be singled out Y. Aharoni,
T h e L a n d o f Israe l in B ib -
lical T im e s : A G eog raph ica l H is to r y
(in Hebrew; Jerusalem,
Mosad Bialik, 5723-1962), and the same author’s
C a r ta ’s A t la s o f
the B ib le
(in Hebrew; Jerusalem, Carta, 1964); there has just
come to hand, in the same series, M. Avi-Yonah’s
C a r ta ’s A t la s
of the P e r io d o f the Second T em p le , th e M ish nah , an d th e
T a lm u d
(assisted by S. Safrai; 1966); H.G. May (assisted by
R.W. Ham ilton and G.N.S. Hunt) edited the
O x fo rd B ib le A t la s
(Oxford University Press, 1962); eight wall maps were repro-
duced from these to form
A b in g d o n M a p s o f B ib le L a n d s
T o his
G eog raph y o f th e B ib le
(1957), D. Baly has published a
G eog raph ica l C om p an ion to th e B ib le
(New York, Me-
Graw-Hill, 1963). Of direct interest, too, is M.A. Beek,
A t la s of
M esopo tam ia : A Su rvey o f th e H is to r y an d C iv i l iza tio n o f Meso-
po tam ia from th e S ton e A g e to th e F a ll o f B a b y lo n
Nelson & Sons, 1962).
The extremely sensitive use of archeological and literary
materials has made possible the appearance of two standard works
in a field not previously comprehended adequately; they are Y.
Yadin’s superb study of
T h e A r t o f W ar fare in B ib lic a l L and s ,
2 vols. (New York, McGraw-Hill, 1963) and the volume edited
by J. Liver for Maarakhot (Israel Defence Forces Publishing
T h e M i l i ta ry H is to r y o f th e L a n d o f Israe l in B ib lic a l
T im e s
(in Hebrew; 1965; 32 studies by such scholars of quality
as Y. Aharoni, A. Malamat, B. Mazar, Y. Yadin, and S. Yeivin, as
well as the editor himself).
It is good to report that R.J. Forbes is proceeding apace with
the publication of his standard
S tu d ie s in A n c ien t T ech n o lo g y ,
including revision of some of the earlier volumes. In nine vol-
umes (Leiden, Brill, 1957 ff.) he has dealt with such items as
Bitumen and Petroleum; Irrigation and Drainage; Land Trans-
port and Roadbuilding; Cosmetics and Perfumes; Food, Al-
cholic Beverages; Paints; Fibres and Fabrics; Dyeing, Spinning,
Sewing, Weaving; Leather; Sugar; Glass; Heating, Refrigeration;
Geology; M ining and Quarrying; Metallurgy.