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— B
ibl ical
Toynbee’s Use of the Term
for One of His Societies” (pp.
255-269 in the Abba H ille l Silver Jubilee volume,
In th e T im e
o f H a rv e s t
[N ew York, Macmillan, 1963]), I have dealt
in te r
a lia
w ith the self-confessed (as well as self-evident) ignorance
and irrationality o f A.J. Toynbee in matters biblical and Jewish.
At the invitation of Princeton University’s Council of the
Humanities (see introductory statement above), I contributed the
chapter on “Old Testament Studies” to the volume
R e l ig io n ,
ed. P. Ramsey (1965), pp. 51-109; in the series
H um a n is t ic
Scho larsh ip in Am er ica : T h e P r in c e ton S tu d ie s
Cliffs, Prentice-Hall). A considerable body of data, covering ap-
proximately the m iddle third of our century (dr. 1930-1962),
was there presented under the follow ing fifteen headings: (1)
Old Testament Studies Prior to about 1930 (pp. 53-54); (2) The
Age of Archaeology (55-61); (3) Extrabiblical Research (62-65);
(4) Negative Aspects of Archaeology (66-68); (5) T h e Decline
of Biblical Philology; T h e Dead Sea Scrolls (68-73); (6) Bible
Translations (73-76); (7) Biblical Theology (76-80); (8) Biblical
History (80-86); (9) Social, Economic, and Legal Institutions
(86-93); (10) Psychology-Psychoanalysis (93-95); (11) Chronology
(95-97); (12) Commentaries, Introductions, and T ex tua l Studies
(97-103); (13) Paleography and A lphabet (103); (14) Septuagint
Studies (104-106); and (15) Grammars, Lexicons, and Diction-
aries (106-109).
As everyone knows, important analyses and advances in our
knowledge o f ancient Israel and the Near East may be found in
scholarly journals no less than in books. Tha t is why the inter-
ested student w ill always find worth consulting regularly such peri-
odicals as
T h e B ib lic a l A rch a eo log is t, B u l le t in o f the Am er ican
Schools o f O r ie n ta l R e sea rch , Israe l E x p lo ra t io n J ou rna l , Y ed i ‘o t
B u l le t in )
of the Israel Exploration Society, the annual
Book L is t
of The (British) Society for Old Testament Research,
the annual
E re tz-Israe l
(now in its eighth year) of the Israel Ex-
ploration Society,
H eb r ew Un ion C o llege A n n u a l ,
In terna -
tion a le Z e itsch r iften schau f i lr B ib e lw issen sch a f t u n d Grenz-
g eb ie te
( =
In te rn a t io n a l R e v iew o f B ib lic a l S tud ies;
vol. 12, 1965/
66, has appeared), and the bibliographical sections o f
B ib lica
Z e itsch r if t f i lr d ie a l tte s tam en t l ich e W issenschaft.