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chulm an
— Y
The book about
C zen s to cho ve
was published in New York in
1947 and was edited by Raphael Mahler. It has a history of the
city by Jacob Shatzky and numerous studies and monographs
about economic, cultural and political life. It has descriptions
of Jewish institutions and personalities and a record of anti-
Jewish actions and the culm inating destruction by the Germans.
A book about
M la v e ,
a city in Poland, was published in New
York in 1950 and was edited by Jacob Shatzky. In it Dr. Judah
Rosenthal has a history of the Jews in the city; Dr. Z. Yonis
describes the town with its houses, streets and places; D. Krishtol
relates his recollections about life in the town. There are articles
about Mlave in the revolutionary year 1905; Mlave in Yiddish
literature, a description of various institutions, the library and
the educational system. Shatzky writes about Joseph Opatoshu
the Yiddish writer, who was born in that city; Opatoshu himself
is represented by a few literary items. There are also excerpts
from the works of another native writer, Yaki Varshovsky. One
writer’s description of a well known local family portrays a good
picture of Jewish social and cultural life. Dr. Shatzky describes
fully Jewish life in Mlave in 1939, just before the outbreak of
World War II. His paper is based on the reports in the local
Yiddish press. The book is rounded out with a record of the
destruction of the Jewish community by the Germans.
The memorial volume about
K o lom e y ,
a town in Galicia,
which before the First World War was part of the Austro-Hun-
garian Empire and later of Poland, was published in New York
in 1957 and edited by Solomon Bickel. It includes a history of
the Jews in the town by N.M. Gelber, also various essays, articles
and monographs about the local Zionist, Socialist, movements,
scholars, Halutzim, educational institutions, synagogues, Has-
sidim, and a bibliography of books published there. It, too, ends
with a description of the Germans’ destruction of the Tewish
community. A volume about the famous Jewish town of
K h e lm ,
which in Jewish folklore is known for its fools, was published
in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1951. It is a huge tome with
the standard material plus an interesting section: Khelm in Yid-
dish Literature. Another imposing volume is about Lovitch, a
city in Mazovie, edited by Shayak-Tchainezn and published in
Tel-Aviv, 1966. It boasts a short history of the town written in
English. Besides the standard features, it has a biographical die-
tionary of writers and poets born in that city. Descriptions of
the town by Sholem Asch, Joel Mastboym, I.J. Trunk and Nahum
Sokolov are reprinted. The book of
G o s tyn in
was edited by I.M.
Biderman and published in New York in 1960. It begins with
a description of the city taken from official government sources
and concludes with a list of all the Jewish inhabitants murdered
by the Germans.