Page 223 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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adult versions. Among the most beautifully illustrated and well
written of such books are those edited by DeAngeli, D ejong , De-
LaMare and Komroff. T h e most recent development in Bible
stories for children is found in Josephine Kamm’s
K ing s , P ro p h e ts
a n d H is to r y : A N e w L o o k A t the O ld T e s tam e n t
(New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1965), in which she discusses selected B ible stories
in relation to recent archaeological finds and studies.
Th is survey has not touched upon textbooks, or reference books,
or books dealing w ith religious practices. These areas as well
as those mentioned are surely bound to receive the attention
they deserve. Hopefu lly publishers will find ways to keep good
titles in print (in hard cover or paperback), and hopefully ways
w ill be found, perhaps through foundations and fellowships, to
subsidize authors who have the skill and desire to write books
of Jewish content for children.
— A
mer ican
ew ish
uven ile