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i e n e r
— J
ew i sh
it e r a r y
n n iv e r sa r ie s
Europe as the setting for his stories, especially the world of the
Hasidim. His works in English translation include
The B rida l
Canopy, In the H ear t of the Seas, B e tro th ed ir Edo and Enam,
Days of Awe.
In 1966 he shared in the Nobel prize for litera-
ture, the first Hebrew author to be so honored.
eb i
ir sch
sh k e n a z i
(Hakam Zebi). 250th anniversary of
death. Born in Moravia in 1658, died in Lemberg, Poland, May
2, 1718. Rabbi of various communities in Europe, involving him
in numerous religious and personal controversies, he was con-
sidered one of the most learned men of his generation. His only
literary work was a collection of Responsa.
ordec a i
v i
h a u l
70th birthday. Born in Hungary, May 17,
1898. In Palestine as a teacher since 1921, he has published books
of poetry, fiction, criticism and translated also many current and
classic works from European languages into Hebrew .
r itz
a e r
80th birthday. Born in Halberstadt,
Germany, December 20, 1888. For many years he has been pro-
fessor of medieval Jewish history at the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem. He has published works on Spanish Jewish history,
also source material on the history of German Jewry.
few years
ago his history of the Spanish Jews was translated into English.
e y e r
a l a b a n
25th anniversary of death. Born in Lemberg,
Poland, in 1877, died in the Warsaw ghetto, reported March 29,
1943. He was an outstanding authority on the history of the Jews
in Poland and one of the few scholars in the Jewish field to pub-
lish the bulk of their work in Polish. He was connected with vari-
ous institutions of higher learning in Warsaw and also was pro-
fessor of Jewish history at the University there.
. 75th birthday. Born in Krotoschin,
Germany, December 24, 1893. Although as professor of Arabic
at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem he has primarily written
in the Arabic field, he also has prepared an edition of Maimonides׳
Arabic responsa with a translation into Hebrew.
a b b a t a i
b e n
o s e p h
a ss
250th anniversary of death. Born
in Kalisch, Poland, in 1641, died in Breslau, Germany, July 21,
1718. In addition to the very popular
Sifte H akham im ,
a com-
pendium of super-commentaries on Rashi’s commentary on the
Pentateuch, he wrote
Sifte Yeshenim
, a bibliography of Hebrew
books, the first work of its kind in Hebrew. It was soon trans-
lated into Latin and was the basis of Wolf’s
B iblio theca Hebraica.
He also established the Hebrew printing press in Dyhernfurth
near Breslau, an important supplier of Hebrew books throughout
the 18th century.