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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
date editor of the
English-Yiddish Encyclopedic D ictionary
(1910-11). His sermons have been published in several volumes
as well as several series of Alumni Lectures at the Hebrew Union
rv ing
i n e m a n
75th birthday. Born in New York, April 9,
1893. One of his best-known novels was
H ear Ye Sons,
which took
East European life as its model. More recently he published a
biography of Henrietta Szold.
a m u e l
o s e p h
u e n n
150th anniversary of birth. Born in
Grodno, Russia, October 15, 1818, died in Wilna, in 1890. A
leader of the Haskalah who taught at the government-sponsored
rabbinical seminary in Wilna, he wrote on a wide variety of
subjects, also edited for about 20 years the journal
r i
v i
r e e n b e r g
70th birthday. Bom in Bialy-Kamien,
Poland, October 17, 1898.
Yiddish poet in Poland, he turned
to Hebrew when he settled in Palestine in 1924. His poetry re-
fleets the pride in the heroism of the Halutzim, also his political
views as a follower of Jabotinsky.
or itz
u e d e m a n n
50th anniversary of death. Born in Hilde-
sheim, Germany, in 1835, died in Baden near Vienna, Austria,
August 5, 1918. Chief rabbi of Vienna for nearly a quarter cen-
tury, he made substantial contributions to Jewish scholarship,
especially in the field of Jewish cultural history. His major work
on education and culture of European Jews in the Middle Ages
and modern times was also translated into Hebrew.
a im
aza z
70th birthday. Born in Russia, September 16,
1898. In Palestine since 1931, he had already published Hebrew
stories before coming there. The themes of his early stories and
novels are the Russian revolution and its effect on the Jews.
Many of his novels deal with the life of the Yemenite Jews in
b r a h a m
a m u e l
er sch b erg
25th anniversary of death.
Born in Kolno, Poland, in 1858, died in the Bialystok ghetto about
August 17, 1943.
textile manufacturer, he took an active in-
terest in Jewish life, was an early Zionist, living for some years
in Palestine. In addition to works on Zionism, he also wrote
about Jewish economic and cultural life in the Talmudic period.
He also translated Rudolf Kittel’s work on Biblical criticism
from German into Hebrew. Posthumously his work on the Jews
in Bialystok was published in New York in Yiddish.
e h ie l
b e n
o s e p h
of Paris. 700th anniversary of death. Born
in Meaux, France, at the end of the 12th century, died in Pales-
tine, in 1268. For many years head of the Yeshiva in Paris, one
of whose students was Meir of Rothenburg, he represented the