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ie n e r
— J
ew ish
it er a r y
n n iv er sa r ie s
2 6 5
Jews in a disputation with Christians in Paris in 1240. In spite
of his skillful defense of Judaism and the Talmud, the latter
was condemned to be burnt. Although he left no other independ-
ent work outside of the proceedings of this debate which was
published only in the last century, he is mentioned often in the
writings of his contemporaries.
do l f
e l l in e k
75th anniversary of death. Born in Dislovitz,
Moravia, Austria-Hungary, died in Vienna, December 28, 1893.
Chief rabbi of Vienna and outstanding preacher in his day, he
edited many smaller Midrashim, which had been inaccessible to
the ordinary reader, in his
B e t Ham idrash.
Jewish Pub lica tion Society of America.
80th anniversary of
founding. Formally organized in Philadelphia, June 3, 1888, this
was the third such venture in America, earlier societies having
enjoyed a brief existence in the forties and seventies of the last
century. Ever since that time a constant stream of books of Jewish
interest has come from its presses, including a new Bible trans-
lation in 1917, with a new one begun in 1962.
e b i
ir sch
b e n
im c h a h
a t z e n e l l e n b o g e n
100th anniver-
sary of death. Born in Wilna in 1796, died there March 10, 1868.
follower of the Haskalah and leader of the Jewish community
in Wilna, also inspector of the government-sponsored rabbinical
school there, he wrote poems and elegies for various occasions.
orr is
a z a r o n
80th birthday. Born in Savannah, Georgia,
April 16, 1888. For many years a Reform rabbi in Baltimore, he
has espoused the good-will movement and vigorously opposed
Zionism. The former is crystallized in his
Common Ground
Bridges: N o t Walls,
the latter in
O live Trees in Storm.
ee ser
100th anniversary of death. Born in Neuen-
kirchen, Germany, in 1806, died in Philadelphia, February 1,
1868. One of the early outstanding religious leaders of Ameri-
can Jewry, Leeser translated the Bible into English in 1853,
a work that was superseded only by the translation sponsored
by the Jewish Publication Society in 1917, and also edited
one of the most successful Jewish magazines in this country,
He likewise wrote religious textbooks and prepared
prayerbooks with English translation for his Sephardic congrega-
tion in Philadelphia.
a u l
ie b e r m a n
70th birthday. Born in Motili, Russia, May
28, 1898. For many years professor of Talmud at the Jewish The-
ological Seminary in New York, he has made outstanding con-
tributions to his field of study. Thus he has been publishing a
detailed commentary on the Tosefta, the first two parts on
having appeared. His English studies include
in Jewish Palestine
Hellen ism in Jewish Palestine.