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i e v
A b r a h a m s , I s r a e l .
Companion to the authorised daily prayer book. New
York, Hermon, 1966. 248 p.
A scholarly commentary to the Hebrew text of the Jewish liturgy.
A d a m s , J o e y ,
T o b i a s , H e n r y .
The borscht belt. Indianapolis, Bobbs-
Merrill, 1966. 224 p.
An entertainers account of social life in the Jewish resort area of
the Catskill Mountains in New York State.
A d l e r , B i l l .
What to name your Jewish baby. New York, Dutton, 1966.
118 p.
A humorous interpretation of names popularly used in the American
Jewish community.
A d l e r , M o r r i s .
May I have a word with you. Compiled by Goldie Adler and
Lily Edelman. New York, Crown, 1967. 239 p.
Selections from the writings and sermons of the late rabbi of Detroit
who lost his life at the hands of a deranged student.
A g u s , J a c o b
B. The vision and the way. New York, Frederick Ungar, 1967.
365 p.
An interpretation of Jewish ethics in relation to modern problems by
the rabbi of Temple Beth El of Baltimore, Maryland.
A h a r o n i , Y o h a n a n .
The land of the Bible: a historical geography. Phila-
delphia, Westminster, 1967. 424 p.
The places and cities of the Bible in a geographical setting based on
the archaeological discoveries of the last century by the professor of
geography of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Translated from the
Hebrew by A.F. Rainey.
A l b r i g h t , W i l l i a m
F. New horizons in Biblical research. New York, Oxford
University Press, 1966. 51 p.
The Whidden lectures delivered in 1961 about the latest finds in
Biblical archaeology and textual studies.
■--------- •. The proto-Sinaitic inscriptions and their decipherment. Cambridge,
Harvard University, 1966. 45 p.
A l o n s o - S c h o k e l , L u i s .
The inspired word: Scripture in the light of Ian-
guage and history. New York, Herder, 1966. 418 p.
Lectures on inspiration and the poetical compositions in the Bible;
translated from Spanish by Francis Martin.