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m e r ic a n
ew i sh
o n
ic t io n
B l a k e , R o b e r t .
Disraeli. New York, St. Martin’s, 1967. 819
p .
A biography of Benjamin Disraeli (Lord Beaconsfield), Prime Min-
ister of Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria.
B ’n a i B ’r i t h .
Molders of the Jewish mind. Washington, D.C., B’nai B’rith,
1967. 245 p.
The lives, philosophies and teachings of ten great Jewish personalities
of ancient and modern times studied by leading American Jewish
scholars. Selected from the first two volumes of the B’nai B’rith Great
Book Series.
B o k s e r , B e n Z i o n .
Judaism and the Christian predicament. New York,
Knopf, 1967. 395 p.
The rabbi of the Forest Hills Jewish Center analyses new develop-
ments in the dialogue between Jews and Christians.
B o s c h , J u a n .
David: the biography of a king. New York, Hawthorn, 1966.
224 p.
B r a h a m , R a n d o l p h
L. Hungarian-Jewish studies. New York, World Fed-
eration of Hungarian Jews, 1966. 346 p.
Studies about Jewish life in Transylvania and Carpatho-Ruthenia and
surveys of materials for Jewish research about the Jews in Hungary and
Hebrew poetry in Hungary.
B r a n d e s , G e o r g .
Lord Beaconsfield: a study. New York, Crowell, 1966.
238 p.
The new edition of this life of Disraeli contains an introduction by
Salo W. Baron.
B r o n e r ,
E. M. Summer is a foreign land: a play in verse. Detroit, Wayne
State University, 1966. 143 p.
An American Jewish family prepares for a wedding.
B r o n s t e i n , Y e t t a .
The president
almost was. New York, Hawthorn Books,
1966. 207 p.
A humorous story of a Bronx woman who wanted to be president.
B u b e r , M a r t i n .
The way of response. Ed. by N.N. Glatzer. New York,
Schocken, 1966. 233 p.
Selections from Buber’s writings on theology, creation, revelation and
---------- . The origin and meaning of Hasidism. Ed and trans. by Maurice
Friedman. New York, Harper & Row, 1966. 254 p. Paperbound reprint.
B u c k , H a r r y
M. People of the Lord. New York, Macmillan, 1966. 653 p.
The history, scriptures and religion of ancient Israel with an extensive
bibliographical essay by the professor of Bible and religion at Wilson
College, Chambersburg, Pa.
B u r n s h a w , S t a n l e y , C a r m i ,
T. and
S p i c e h a n d l e r , E z r a .
The modern
Hebrew poem itself. New York, Schocken, 1967. 220 p. Paperbound
The original Hebrew text with transliteration, translation and com-
mentary of twenty-four Hebrew poets.
C a r d u s , N e v i l l e .
Gustav Mahler. New York, St. Martin’s, 1965. 191
p .
A study of Mahler’s thought and the music of his first five symphonies
with musical examples.