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— A
m e r ic a n
ew i sh
o n
ic t io n
W a a r d , J a n .
A comparative study of the Old Testament text in the Dead
Sea scrolls and in the New Testament. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1966.
101 p.
D i c k s o n , M o r a .
Israeli interlude. New York, Rand McNally, 1966. 182
p .
An account of the author’s experiences in Israel in trying to involve
young people in community service.
D o r o z y n s k i , A l e x a n d e r .
The man they wouldn’t let die. New York, Mac-
millan, 1965. 207 p.
The story about the accident and injuries suffered by the Russian
scientist Lev Landau and the efforts performed to keep him alive and
D r e s n e r , S a m u e l
H. God, man and atomic war. New York, Living Books,
1966. 227 p.
An appeal to humanity to save itself from suicide based on quota-
tions from the Bible and hasidic literature and from contemporary poets
and scholars.
D u s h n y c k , W a l t e r ,
ed. Ukrainians and Jews. New York, Ukrainian Con-
gress Committee of America, 1966. 199 p.
A symposium of articles and correspondence about the relations be-
tween Ukrainians and Jews intended to whitewash the Ukrainians who
were charged with being antisemitic.
E b a n , A b b a .
Israel in the world. Cranbury, N.J., YoselofF, 1966. 70 p.
The record of two television interviews in 1965 when the Foreign
Minister of Israel appeared in the U.S.
E i s e n s t e i n , I r a ,
ed. Varieties of Jewish belief. New York, Reconstruction-
ist, 1966. 270 p.
Modern Jewish religious thought analyzed by seventeen contributors.
E l d r i d g e , P a u l .
The homecoming: chronicle of a refugee family. New York,
Barnes, 1966. 115 p.
E l f e n b e i n , I s r a e l .
The American synagogue as a leavening force in Jew-
ish life and a collection of selected writings. New York, Bloch, 1966.
p .
Selections from the writings of an American orthodox rabbi edited by
the late Abraham Burstein.
E l o n , A m o s .
Journey through a haunted land: the new Germany. Trans,
by Michael Roloff. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1967. 272 p.
A report by an Israeli journalist of his impressions on a trip through
German cities.
E n g l e , F a n n i e ,
B l a u , G e r t r u d e .
The Jewish festival cook book. New
York, Paperback Library, 1966. 216 p.
E p h r a im , M i r i a m
R. Selected writings. New York, National Jewish Welfare
Board, 1966. 95 p.
Papers on many aspects of Jewish community center work.
E r b e n , W a l t e r .
Marc Chagall. New York, Praeger, 1966. 166
p .
An illustrated biography of the artist.
The eternal light. New York, Harper
Row, 1967.
Selections and illustrations of ancient and modern Jewish writings.