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m e r ic a n
ew ish
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ic t io n
G i n z b u r g , N a t a l i a .
Family sayings. Trans, from Italian by D.M. Low. New
York, Dutton, 1966. 222 p.
Wife of Leone Ginzburg, Italian anti-Fascist leader who was tortured
to death by the Nazis, writes of her memories of childhood in Turin,
Italy, and of the period between the two world wars.
G l a t z e r ,
N ahum N .
Hillel the elder: the emergence of classical Judaism.
N ew
York, Schocken, 1966. 100 p. Revised paperbound edition.
G l i c k s m a n , W i l l i a m
M. In the mirror of literature: the economic life of
the Jews in Poland as reflected in Yiddish literature, 1914-1939. New
York, Living Books, 1966. 254 p.
G l o c k , C h a r l e s
Y. The apathetic majority: a study based on public re-
sponse to the Eichmann trial. New York, Harper & Row, 1966. 222 p.
Part of a series based on the five year study of anti-Semitism in the
United States in which Gertrude J. Selznick and Joe L. Spaeth col-
G l u e c k , N e l s o n . The river Jordan. N ew York, McG raw -H ill,
1966. 256 p.
96 p.
A rewritten and newly illustrated edition of the historical, archaeo-
logical, and geographical study of the famous river which was first pub-
lished in 1946; by the president of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion.
G l u s t r o m , S im o n .
The language of Judaism. New York, Jonathan David,
1966. 331 p.
186 concepts and expression with relevant interpretation.
G o l d b e r g , A r t h u r
J. The defenses of freedom: the public papers. New
York, Harper & Row, 1966. 342 p.
The addresses, essays, lectures and judicial opinions of the U.S. Am-
bassador to the United Nations, formerly Justice of the Supreme Court
and Secretary of Labor.
G o l d e n , H a r r y . E s s ,
ess mein kindt. New York, Putnam, 1966. 320
p .
Reminiscenes of life on New York’s lower East Side by the editor of
Carolina Israelite.
—------- ־. So what else is new? New York, Fawcett, 1967. 257 p. Paperbound
G o r d i s , R o b e r t .
Judaism in a Christian world. New York, McGraw-Hill,
1966. 256 p.
An argument for integration without assimilation by the Jewish com-
munity and adjustment to a pluralistic society without absorption.
G r u n w a l d , K u r t .
Turkenhirsch: a study of Baron Maurice de Hirsch, en-
trepreneur and philanthropist. New York, Daniel Davey, 1966. 139 p.
A biography of the founder of the Jewish Colonization Association
and the well known agricultural settlements in Argentina and the U.S.A.
G r u s d , E d w a r d E .
B’nai B’rith: the story of a covenant. New York, Apple-
ton-Century, 1966. 315 p.
The history of the world-wide fraternal organization and its manifold
activities for the advancement of Jewish cultural and civic life.
G u i n s b u r g , E l e n e F r i e d .
From the heart: prayers, praise and poems. New
York, Vantage, 1966. 64 p.