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K a m e n , H e n r y .
The Spanish inquisition. New York, New American Library,
1966. 339 p.
A historical treatment of the institution in the light of the political
and social situation under the king and queen who established it in order
to unify their state at the end of the 15th century.
K a p l a n , L o u i s L . ,
S c h u c h a t , T h e o d o r .
Justice— not charity: a biog-
raphy of Harry Greenstein. New York, Crown, 1967. 288 p.
The life of a distinguished Jewish welfare worker who was head of
the YMHA in Baltimore for many years, and also executive director of
the Associated Jewish Charities there. He helped draw up the world-
wide program for UNRRA after World War II and was head of its
Middle East Department.
K a t z , P a u l
M. The Bible: myth or reality? a new look at an old book.
New York, Exposition, 1966. 153 p.
A critical evaluation of the historical narratives of the Bible.
K a t z , R o b e r t .
Death in Rome. New York, Macmillan. 1966. 334 p.
The story of Hitler’s reprisals against the Italian partisans for their
attack on a column of 156 SS police in the center of German-occupied
Rome. There is an account of the Jews in the resistance movement and
their roundup and execution by the Nazis.
K l u g e r , R i v k a h S c h a r f .
Satan in the Old Testament. Evanston, 111.,
Northwestern University, 1967. 128 p.
K o h s , S a m u e l
C. The roots of social work. New York, Association,
1 9 6 6 .
1 8 9 p .
A veteran welfare worker recounts his philosophy of community wel-
fare in America.
K o l a t c h , A l f r e d
J. The name dictionary: modern Hebrew and English
names. New York, Jonathan David, 1966. 418 p.
Primarily a guide for American Jewish parents concerned with names
for children, with suggestions for Hebrew names having similarity of
meaning in conjunction with popular English names.
K o s o v e r , M o r d e c a i .
Arabic elements in Palestinian Yiddish. Jerusalem,
Rubin Mass, 1966. 446 p.
A history of the old Ashkenazic community in Jerusalem and the
Yiddish language and folklore which it used and intermixed with
Arabic elements by the professor of Hebrew at Brooklyn College of the
City University of New York.
K o u f a x , S a n f o r d ,
L i n n , E d .
Koufax. New York, Viking, 1966. 294 p.
An autobiography of the famous baseball player of the Los Angeles
Dodger team.
K r a m e r , S im o n
G. God and man in the Sefer Hasidim. New York, Bloch,
1966. 285 p.
The concepts as found in the volume written by Rabbi Judah the
Pious in 12th century Germany, translated and expounded by the presi-
dent of the Hebrew Theological College.
K r a u s , H a n s J o a c h i m .
Worship in Israel: a cultic history of the Old Testa-
ment. Trans, from German by Geoffrey Buswell. Richmond, Va., John
Knox, 1966. 246 p.
The prayers and Psalms in the Bible as used in the cult of the Temple.
K r a u s , M i c h a e l .
Immigration, the American mosaic: from pilgrim to mod-
ern refugees. Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand, 1967, 2Q7 p.