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n n u a l
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O r n i , E f r a im ,
E f r a t , E l i s h a .
Geography of Israel. New York, Daniel
Davey, 1966. 363 p.
The physical and human geography of the land from ancient to
modern times.
P a t t e n , D o n a l d W e s l e y .
The Biblical flood and the ice epoch. Seattle,
Wash., Meridan, 1966. 336 p.
An attempt to prove that the deluge described in the book of Genesis
resulted from a sudden catastrophe when certain biological and geo-
logical phenomena occurred to create a universal flood.
P e t u c h o w s k i , J a k o b J .
Zion reconsidered. New York, Twayne, 1966. 143 p.
A personal appraisal of social and religious life in Israel and the at-
titudes of Israelis and Americans toward one aonther.
P i l c h , J u d a h ,
B e n H o r i n , M e i r ,
eds. Judaism and the Jewish school.
New York, American Association of Jewish Education, by Bloch, 1966.
336 p.
Selected essays on the direction of Jewish education in the United
P o o l , D a v i d
T a m a r d e S o l a .
there an answer? an inquiry into some
human dilemmas. Cranbury, N.J., Yoseloff, 1966. 206 p.
Insights into the problems of suffering, death, marriage, faith, prayer
and peace by the rabbi emeritus of Cong. Shearith Israel and his wife.
P o s y , A r n o l d .
Mystic trends in Judaism. New York, Jonathan David, 1966.
213 p.
The teaching of Hasidism interpreted.
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research: vol. 34. New
York, 1966. 202 p.
Scholarly papers presented to the Academy.
Proceedings of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists: vol. 1. New
York, Philipp Feldheim, 1966. 112 p.
Papers on the relation of science to the practice of and observance
of Judaism.
R a p p o p o r t , A n g e l o
S. Myth and legend of ancient Israel. New York, Ktav,
1966. 3 vols.
Stories from the Talmud and Midrash and Rabbinic sources with
an introduction by Raphael Patai.
R a s k i n , S a u l .
O v inu M a lkenu
—Our Father, Our King. Flint, Mich.,
Genesis, 1966. 95 p.
Drawings to the text of the well known prayer read during the high
holy days.
R e n c k e n s , H e n r y .
The religion of Israel. Trans, from Dutch by N.B. Smith.
New York, Sheed & Ward, 1966. 370 p.
Biblical religion interpreted by a Catholic.
R i c h m a n , S i d n e y .
Bernard Malamud. New York, Twayne, 1966. 160 p.
A close study of the novelists themes and literary techniques.
R o b e r t , M a r t h e .
The psychoanalytic revolution: Sigmund Freud’s life
and achievement. Trans, by Kenneth Morgan. New York, Harcourt,
Brace & World, 1966. 396 p.