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m e r ic a n
ew i sh
o n
ic t io n
R o s e n b e r g , S t u a r t
E. Judaism. Glen Rock, N.J., Paulist, 1966. 159 p.
An introduction to Judaism for Catholics by the rabbi of Beth Tsedec
Congregation of Toronto, Canada.
R o s e n s a f t , M e n a c h e m
Z. Moshe Sharett: statesman of Israel. New York,
Shengold, 1966. 64 p.
A biography of the first foreign minister of the State of Israel.
R o s s i , S a l a m o n .
H ash irim A sher L ish ’lomo
(The songs of So lomon): 33
Psalms, songs and hymns. Ed. by Fritz Rikko with preface by Hugo
Weisgall. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1967.
261 p.
The first volume of an edition of the complete musical compositions
of the 16th century Italian Jewish composer.
R o t h , C e c i l ,
ed. The standard Jewish encyclopedia. Garden City, N.Y.,
Doubleday, 1966. 1,978 colums.
A new revised edition of the latest reference work.
----------■, ed. The dark ages: Jews in Christian Europe, 700-1096. New Bruns-
wick, N.J., Rutgers University, 1966. 493 p. (World History of the
Jewish People, Vol. X I .)
R o t h e n s t e i n , J o h n .
Brave day, hideous night: autobiography, 1939-1965.
New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1966. 386 p.
The director of the Tate Gallery of London describes life in England
during the crucial years of World War II and the following period.
R o t h s c h i l d , J a n i c e
A s
but a day: the first hundred years, 1867-1967.
Atlanta, Ga., Hebrew Benevolent Congregation, 1967. 148 p.
A history of the Atlanta Jewish community and its rabbis and com-
munal leaders.
R u b e n o v i t z , H e r m a n H .
M i g n o n
L. The waking heart. Cambridge,
M a s s . ,
Nathaniel Dame, 1967. 295 p.
An autobiography of a conservative rabbi and his leadership at Con-
gregation Mishkan Tefila in Boston.
R u b e n s t e i n , R i c h a r d
L. After Auschwitz: essays in contemporary Jewish
theology. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1966. 320 p.
An interpretation of “radical theology” from a Jewish standpoint.
R u b i n s t e i n , H e l e n a .
My life for beauty. New York, Simon & Schuster,
1966. 251 p.
Autobiography of an immigrant Polish Jewish girl who founded one
of the big cosmetic industries and who was a noted art collector.
R u n e s , D a g o b e r t .
Treasury of thoughts: observations over half a century.
New York, Philosophical Library, 1966. 395 p.
The musings of a book publisher with a penchant for philosophy.
R u n y a n , F r i e d a K a m m e r e r .
The Bible revisited in poetry. Philadelphia,
Dorrance, 1966. 103 p.
Paraphrases of portions of the Bible.
S a c h s , A l b i e .
The jail diary of Albie Sachs. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1967.
285 p.
The personal experiences of the noted South African liberal who
defied the Verword government.