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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
S a l i t , N o r m a n .
The worlds of Norman Salit. New York, Bloch, 1966. 315 p.
Papers, sermons and addresses of the rabbi who also turned to a
career as a lawyer; posthumously selected and edited by Abraham
S a m u e l , M a u r i c e .
Blood accusation: the strange history of the Beiliss case.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1966. 286 p.
A full account of the accusations, persecution and defense of Mendel
Beiliss who was tried for ritual murder in Czarist Russia.
S a n d e r s , J a m e s A .
The Dead Sea Psalms scroll. Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell Uni-
versity, 1967. 188 p.
A transcription and translation of the new fragment and a reproduc-
tion of the whole scroll with an up-to-date bibliography on the earliest
Hebrew texts of the Psalms.
S a n d e r s , R o n a l d .
Israel: the view from Masada. New York, Harper & Row,
1966. 310 p.
The political and cultural story of modern Israel.
S a r n a , N a h u m
M. Understanding Genesis: the heritage of Biblical Israel.
New York, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1966. 267 p.
A modern scholarly exegesis of the book of Genesis by the professor
of Bible at Brandeis University.
S c h e c h t m a n , J o s e p h
B. Zionism and Zionists in Soviet Russia. New York,
Zionist Organization of America, 1966. 94 p.
S c h i f f , A l v i n I r w i n .
The Jewish day school in America. New York, Jewish
Education Committee, 1966. 294 p.
The philosophy and curricula of the small yeshivot or parochial
schools and their achievements.
S c h i l p p , P a u l
F r i e d m a n , M a u r i c e ,
eds. The philosophy of Martin
Buber. La Salle, 111., Open Court, 1967. 811 p.
Buber’s philosophy of dialogue with a collection of descriptive and
critical essays by eminent authors and with autobiographical fragments
written by Buber before he passed away in 1965.
S c h o n
f i e l d
H u g h
J. The Passover plot: new light on the history of Jesus.
New York, Bernard Geis, 1966. 287.
A novel theory about the crucifixion based on the study of New Testa-
ment passages.
S c h r e i b e r , B e n j a m i n .
P lon i lep lon i:
marriages are made in heaven. New
York, author, 1966. 121 p.
S c u l l y , V i n c e n t , J r .
I .
Kahn. New York, Braziller, 1966. 128
p .
p .
A monograph on the architect’s outstanding contributions with photo-
graphs, charts and plans and a bibliography.
S h a p i r o , H a r v e y .
Battle report: selected poems. Middletown, Conn., Wes-
leyan University, 1966. 77 p.
A number of the poems are religious and Jewish.
S h a z a r , Z a l m a n .
Morning stars. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society.
1967. 234 p.
An English translation of the Hebrew autobiography of the President
of the State of Israel.