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m e r ic a n
ew i sh
o n
ic t io n
S h e s t o v , L e v .
Athens and Jerusalem. Athens, Ohio University, 1966. 477
p .
The author was professor of Russian philosophy at the University of
Paris where he completed this work before he died in 1938. He tries
to prove the incompatibility of Greek thought with Hebrew thought.
The English translation was prepared by Bernard Martin, professor
of Judaica at Western Reserve University.
S i l v e r a , A l a i n .
Daniel Halevy and his times. Ithaca, Cornell University,
1966. 251 p.
A reconstruction of the historian’s spiritual and intellectual develop-
ment in France of the Third Republic
S i l v e r s t e i n , B a r u c h .
A Jew in love. New York, Jonathan David, 1967.
188 p.
Sermons which were delivered to the congregation of Temple Emanu-
El of Boro Park in New York City.
S im o n , S o l o m o n ,
B i a l , M o r r i s D a v i d .
The Rabbis’ Bible: vol. 1, Torah.
New York, Behrman, 1966. 224 p.
Selections from Rabbinic lore related to the Biblical text in the mod-
ern manner.
S k r o b u c h a , H e i n z .
Sinai. New York, Oxford University Press, 1967. 140
p .
Richly illustrated edition showing the historical significance of the
region near Mount Sinai for religious history.
S m i t h , G e o r g e A d am .
The historical geography of the Holy Land. New
York, Harper & Row, 1967. 512 p. Paperbound reprint.
S m i t h , W i l l i a m S t e v e n s o n .
Interconnections in the Near East: a study
of relationships between the arts of Egypt, the Aegean and Western Asia.
New Haven, Yale University, 1965. 185 p. 221 plates.
S m o l i a r , H e r s h .
Resistance in Minsk. Trans, by Herman J. Lewbin. Oak-
land, Cal., Judah L. Magnes Memorial Library, 1966. 109 p.
The story of resistance to the attacks of the German army when it
approached Minsk in 1941.
S o k e l , W a l t e r
H. Franz Kafka. New York, Columbia University, 1966. 48 p.
S p e r b e r , A l e x a n d e r . A
historical grammar of Biblical Hebrew: a presenta-
tion of problems with suggestions to their solution. Leiden, Brill, 1966.
704 p.
S t a a c k , H a g e n .
Prophetic voices of the Bible. Cleveland, World, 1967. 128 p.
A recreation of the lives and achievements of the prophets Elijah,
Hosea, Jeremiah, Job, Daniel and others based on the television lec-
tures of the author.
S t a r e t t , A g n e s .
The Maurice and Laura Falk Foundation: a private for-
tune, a public trust. Pittsburgh, Historical Society of Western Pennsyl-
vania, 1966. 306 p.
A record of the philanthropic and educational activities sponsored by
the Pittsburgh family.
S t e m b e r , C h a r l e s H e r b e r t ,
and others. Jews in the mind of America. New
York, Basic Books, 1966. 413 p.
Various interpretations of trends in anti-Semitism, Christian-Jewish
relations, the pluralistic society and Jewish survival.