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S u h l , Y u r i ,
ed. They fought back: the story of Jewish resistance in Nazi
Europe. Trans, by author. New York, Crown, 1967. 327 p.
An anthology of the survivors and leaders of the resistance by under-
ground and partisan fighters in all the ghettoes.
T a l m o n ,
J.L. The unique and the universal. New York, Braziller, 1966. 320 p.
T h o m a s , B o b .
King Cohn. New York, Putnam,
1 9 6 6 . 3 8 1 p .
A biography of the movie producer who was president of Columbia
T h o r p e , M i c h a e l .
Siegfried Sassoon. New York, Oxford University Press,
1967. 280 p.
A critical study of the writer and his poetry.
T o r n a b e n e , L y n .
What’s a Jewish girl? New York, Simon & Schuster, 1967.
93 p.
A humorous volume about American Jewish women.
U m e n , S a m u e l .
Links between Judaism and Christianity. New York, Philo-
sophical Library, 1966. 153 p.
U n t e r m e y e r , L o u i s ,
ed. Songs of joy from the Book of Pslams. Cleveland,
World, 1967. unpaged.
V a n B o r k , B e r t .
Jacques Lipshitz: the artist
a t
work. New York, Crown,
1966. 220 p.
The illustrated volume contains a critical evaluation of the sculptor
by Alfred Werner.
V a n S e t t e r s , J o h n .
The Hyksos: a new investigation. New Haven, Yale
University, 1966. 220 p.
A new attempt to identify the ancient people who invaded Egypt.
W a l l a c h , L u i t p o l d ,
ed. The classical tradition: literary and historical
studies in honor of Harry Caplan. Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University,
1966. 606 p.
The festschrift contains “Toward a Valid Theory of Biblical Hebrew
Literature” by Isaac Rabinowitz, “Plato’s Pre-existent Matter in Patristic
Philosophy,” by Harry A. Wolfson.
W e c h s b e r g , J o s e p h .
The merchant bankers. Boston, Little, Brown, 1966.
365 p.
There are chapters on Siegmund Warburg, the Lehman brothers and
the Rothschilds, among others.
W e i n r e i c h , U r i e l .
The field of Yiddish: studies in language, folklore and
literature: 2nd collection. The Hague, Mouton, 1965. 289 p.
W e i s f e l d , I s r a e l
H. This man Moses. New York, Bloch, 1966. 234 p.
A compilation of material about Moses in Rabbinic, Hasidic and
modern literature and art.
W e i s s , P e t e r .
The investigation. Trans, from German by A. Gross. New
York, Atheneum, 1966. 206 p.
A play about the trial of the Nazis who where charged with crime
committed in the concentration camps.
W e i z m a n n , C h a im .
Trial and error. New York, Schocken, 1966. 493 p.
Paperbound reprint.
The autobiography of the Zionist leader and scientist who was the
first president of the State of Israel.
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