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ib a l o w
— A
m e r ic a n
ew i sh
ic t io n
G o l d , H e r b e r t .
Fathers. New York, Random House, 1967. 308
p .
An autobiographical novel by a prominent American-Jewish author,
in which Gold’s father—who comes to America as an immigrant and
succeeds in making a decent life after hardships and tensions— is
the hero, together with Herbert Gold, his son.
G o r a n , L e s t e r .
The stranger in the snow. New York, New American
Library, 1966. 211 p.
A sensitive narrative about Harry Myers, a middle-aged Jew, a
“loser,” who feels guilty because another soldier had been killed in
his place during World War II.
G r e e n b e r g , J o a n n e .
Summering. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston,
1966. 208 p.
A collection of short stories, mostly about Jews, and ranging from
fantasy to modern life among the Navahos.
H a b e , H a n s .
The mission. New York, Coward-McCann,
1 9 6 6 . 3 0 0 p .
An historical novel about a Swiss conference on the subject of
Jewish refugees—actually held in 1938— and the unwillingness of the
civilized nations of the world to accept Jews, therefore dooming them
to death under the Nazis.
H a l p e r , A l b e r t .
The fourth horseman of Miami Beach. New York,
Norton, 1966. 320 p.
A sad novel about elderly Jews in retirement, or semi-retirement
in Miami Beach.
H i l s e n r a t h , E d g a r .
Night. New York, Doubleday,
1 9 6 6 . 4 6 4 p .
A harsh, objectively-written documentary novel about life— and
death— in a Ukrainian ghetto in 1942.
H u d s o n , H e l e n .
Meyer Meyer. New York, Dutton, 1967. 189 p.
A first novel about two middle-aged Jewish professors who find solace
in their own loneliness, until one marries, leaving Meyer Meyer to his
own solitariness.
K e m e lm a n , H a r r y .
Saturday the rabbi went hungry. New York, Crown,
1966. 249 p.
Rabbi Small, the hero of
F riday the R abb i S lep t La te ,
solves an-
other murder in a New England town and reinforces his image as
the Jewish Father Brown.
K o p s , B e r n a r d .
The dissent of Dominick Shapiro. New York, Coward-
McCann, 1966. 208 p.
Set in London, this novel by a noted English-Jewish playwright,
deals with a young Jewish boy who rebels against his society and
refuses to accept responsibility.
K u z n e t s o v , A n a t o l y .
Babi yar. New York, Dial, 1967. 391 p.
A documentary novel on the massacres of Babi Yar in Russia,
written by a Russian who was an eye-witness to the bloody event.
L i b e n , M e y e r .
Hunger justice. New York, Dial, 1967. 259
p .
A collection of nine short stories and one novella, mainly about Jews.
L o n g s t r e e t , S t e p h e n .
sons. New York, Delacorte Press, 1966.
370 p.
A chronicle of a Jewish family first brought to life by the author
in an earlier book.