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— J
ew ish
uven ile
------ . The Jewish New Year. Illus. by Jerome Snyder. New York, Thomas
Y. Crowell, 1966. unp.
The text of this book discusses many legendary aspects of the holiday
which are not pertinent to a child’s needs; and the art borders on the
grotesque, (ages 8-10)
——«. The Jewish Sabbath. Illus. by Ellen Raskin. New York, Thomas Y.
Crowell, 1966. unp.
This book suffers from lack of focus and indiscriminate selection of
what is important for a child to know about the Sabbath. The art
has a bright stained glass quality.
C o o k , R o y .
Leaders of labor. Philadelphia, J.
B .
Lippincott, 1966. 152
p .
This book contains chapters on Samuel Gompers, David Dubinsky
and Sidney Hillman dealing primarily with their labor activities with
little or no mention of their personal lives. Bibliography of adult books.
Index, (ages 11 and up)
D a v i s , M o s h e ,
L e v y , I s a a c .
Journeys of the children of Israel:
guide to the study of the Bible. Designs by Hans Schwarz based on
original illustrations by the late Walter Herz. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell and Jewish National Fund, 1966. 64 p.
This is an unusual and useful Bible atlas. Each location of an
important Bible event is depicted by an individual map and is described
with a direct Biblical quotation. Although this helps concretize one’s
ideas about the Biblical scene, the maps are so localized that one
sometimes loses perspective of the relationships in the country as a
whole. Index, (ages 10 and up)
E d m o n d s ,
I. G. Joel of the Hanging Gardens. Illus. by Bob Parker. Phila*
delphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1966. 148 p.
This is an intriguing mystery set in ancient Babylon, when Daniel
is already an old man. The story reveals how the Jewish community
plotted its return to Jerusalem, (ages 10-12)
E i s e n b e r g , A z r i e l ,
G l o b e , L e a h A i n ,
eds. The secret weapon and
other stories of faith and valor. Illus. by Joan Kiddell-Monroe. London,
Soncino, 1966. 199 p.
(ages 13 and up)
G l u s t r o m , S im o n .
The language of Judaism. New York, Jonathan David,
1966. 331 p.
186 concepts and expressions with relevant information for the
student of today, (ages 14 and up)
I n g z e l , M a r j o r i e .
Psalms for boys and girls. New York, Thomas Nelson
& Sons, 1965. 63 p.
This is a nice little collection of psalms interspersed with proverbs.
Except for a brief introduction concerned primarily with definitions
there is no commentary, (ages 10 and up)
I s h - K i s h o r , S u l a m i t h .
The carpet of Solomon. Illus. by Uri Shulevitz.
New York, Pantheon, 1966. 57 p.
A handsome book that relates a Hebrew legend wherein King
Solomon, who wishes to know as much as God, learns humility,
(ages 6-9)