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ew ish
uven ile
M i l g r im , S h i r l e y G o r s o n .
Haym Salomon. Illus. by Hans Zander.
Chicago, Follett, 1966. 143 p.
This is a rather pedestrian biography of the Jewish broker who
used his personal fortune and good name to help finance the American
Revolution, (ages 9-12)
M o r g a n , B a r b a r a
E. Journey for Tobiyah. Illus. by W. T. Mars. New
York, Random House, 1966. 152 p.
This is an excellent story of a young, loyal and devoted slave in
an Assyrian household around 700 B.C.E., who after a series of
adventures learns that he really is a member of a Hebrew priestly
family. Rewarded with his freedom for services rendered, he buys the
freedom of another Hebrew priest and his family so that they may
all return to Jerusalem, (ages 10-13)
E l a i n e .
The story of Saul the King. Abridged from Helen Wad-
Stor ies of the Ho l y Wri t .
Illus. by Doreen Roberts. New York,
David White, 1966.
This is a good straight-forward biography derived from the Biblical
text, (ages 10-14)
N a t h a n , D o r o t h y .
The shy one. Illus. by Carolyn Cather. New York,
Random House, 1966. 179 p.
This is a pleasant story about a shy ten year old girl, living in a
small Northwest town in 1921, who begins to overcome her shyness
after her grandmother and 14 year old uncle come to this country
from Russia, (ages 8-11)
N e u r a t h , M a r i e .
They lived like this in ancient Palestine. Illus. by
Evelyn Worboys. New York, Franklin Watts, 1965. 32 p.
An authentic but very simple sparse text, starting with pre-historic
times, covers such topics as houses, pottery, ovens, cisterns, horses and
chariots, camels and writing. Good illustrations, (ages 10-12)
P a l a z z o , T o n y ,
illus. A time for all things: Ecclesiastes III. 1-8. New
York, Henry Z. Walck, 1966. unp.
Lovely pastel drawings illustrate individual lines of this passage.
With the exception of one or two these are pictures to which children
can relate very readily, (ages 3-7)
P o s y , A r n o l d .
Israeli tales and legends: rev. ed. Trans, from the Yiddish.
Illus. by John Morgan. New York, Jonathan David, 1966. 270 p.
The basic theme of the nine original stories and the eleven adapta-
tions from the Talmud, Midrash and medieval and modern folklore,
is love of God. (ages 10-12)
R o g o w , S a l l y .
Lillian Wald: the nurse in blue. Paintings by Itzak San-
kowsky. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1966. 145 p. (Cove*
nant Book)
Lillian Wald was an outstanding nurse, public health worker and
social worker, but nowhere in this rather pedestrian rendition is there
any indication of anything Jewish in her life or environment. Illustra-
tions are striking. Bibliography, (ages 9-12)
R u s h m o r e , R o b e r t .
The life of George Gershwin. New York, Crowell-
Collier, 1966. 177 p.
There is no indication in this biography, written with verve and
sophistication, that there were any Jewish influences in George Gersh-
win’s life other than the fact that he was born on the East Side of
New York. Discography, not intended as comprehensive. Index, (ages
11 and up)