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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
S im o n , N o r m a .
Hanukkah. Illus. by Symeon Shimin. New York, Crowell,
A retelling of the story of Hanukkah and its customs, (ages 5-8)
S im o n , S o l o m o n ,
B i a l , M o r r i s o n
D. The rabbis5 Bible. New York,
Behrman, 1966. 224 p.
An abridged Bible with selected Midrashim appearing beneath the
text, reminiscent of the Humash with Rashi. (ages 12 and up)
S i n g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
Zlateh the goat and other stories. Trans, from
Yiddish by author and Elizabeth Shub. Pictures by Maurice Sendak.
New York, Harper & Row, 1966. 90 p.
Included in this book are seven Yiddish folktales told with con-
summate artistry. Not everyone will like the art which verges on the
grotesque, but which children seem to like and understand, (ages
10 and up)
S t a d l e r , B e a ,
S im o n , S h i r l e y .
Once upon a Jewish holiday. Illus.
B i l l
Gracalone. New York, Ktav, 1965. 125 p.
A collection of prosaic family stories pertaining to the holidays,
liberally sprinkled with Hebrew words, (ages 5-8)
S t o u t e n b u r g , A d r i e n ,
B a k e r , L a u r a N e l s o n .
Explorer of the un-
conscious: Sigmund Freud. New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1965.
202 p.
This biography based on Freud’s own works, journals and letters
as well as on adult biographies, brings Freud into sharp focus as a
Jew (albeit a non-practicing one), a human being, and a pioneer in
the study of the human psyche, (ages 12 and up)
T a y l o r , S y d n e y .
A papa like everyone else. Illus. by George Porter.
Chicago, Follett, 1966. 159 p.
A charming story of Jewish life in a Czechoslovakian village after
World War I. Most of the action takes place during the year pre-
ceding the departure of Mama, ten year old Szerena and six year old
Gisella, to join Papa who had left to seek his fortune in America,
(ages 8-12)
W a t s o n , S a l l y .
Other sandals. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston,
1966. 233 p.
This book provides an excellent picture of both kibbutz and city
life in modern Israel through the experiences of two cousins whose
parents decide that both can learn from a temporary change in en-
vironment. Debra, the kibbutznik, comes to the city, and Eytan to
the kibbutz, where each learns to overcome prejudices and intolerances
of things unknown. Glossary of Arabic and Hebrew words, (ages 10-13)
W i e s n e r , W i l l i a m .
Noah’s ark. Retold and illus. by author. New York,
E. P. Dutton, 1966. unp.
Another Noah’s ark story with text beyond the comprehension of
the picture-book crowd and with art that is odd if not bad. (ages 3-6)