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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
B e h r m a n ,
S.N. The suspended drawing room. London, Hamish Hamilton,
1966. 253 p.
Shorter works of Behrman with portraits of Shaw, Gabriel Pascal, F.
Molnar, Dr. Weizmann and others.
B e i n , A l e x .
Theodor Herzl. London, Harper & Row, 1966. 189 p. (Harper
Ben Ur i.
50 years of achievements in the arts. Ed. by J. Sonntag. London,
Ben Uri Art Society, 1966. 40 p. Illustrated.
B e n d i x , R e i n h a r d t .
Max Weber: an intellectual portrait. London, Methuen,
1966. 522 p.
B e r m a n t , C h a im .
Diary of an old man: a novel. London, Chapman, 1966.
208 p.
One winter month in the life of an old man living on a tiny pension.
B i r m a n , A b r a h a m ,
ed. An anthology of modern Hebrew poetry. Introduction
by Moshe Sharett. London, Abelard-Schuman, 1967. 302 p. (Ram’s
Horn Books)
B l a c k s t o c k , C h a r i t y .
Wednesday’s children. London, Hutchinson, 1967.
207 p.
The author was involved in a scheme to find holiday homes in the
United Kingdom for Jewish refugee children from concentration camps.
B l a k e , R o b e r t .
Disraeli. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1966. 819 p.
The first full biography of Disraeli based on his papers.
B r i g h t , P a m e l a .
A poor man’s riches. London, MacGibbon & Kee, 1966.
212 p.
Study of the Middle East, describing the world of Arab and Jew.
Bruce, F. F.
Second thoughts on the Dead Sea scrolls. London, Paternoster,
1966. 160 p. (Mount Radford Reprints)
B u b e r , M a r t i n .
Kingship of God. Trans, from German
b y
Richard Schei-
mann. London, Allen & Unwin, 1967. 224 p.
—•— . Prophetic faith, London, Harper & Row, 1966. 281 p. (Harper Torch-
—— . The way of response. London, Bailey Bros., 1966. 223 p.
A selection of short pieces from Buber’s writings with the view that
man’s greatest development is realizable only through encounters of
daily life.
B u b e r - N e u m a n n , M a r g a r e t e ,
Mistress to Kafka. London, Seeker & War-
burg, 1966. 235 p.
Milena Jesenska, to whom Kafka wrote his “Letters to Milena,”
helped Jews in Czechoslovakia. For these activities she was sent to
Ravensbruck camp where she met the author with whom she formed
a deep friendship and in whose arms she died.
C h e v a l i e r , H a a k o n .
Oppenheimer: the story of
friendship. London,
Deutsch, 1966. 240 p.
The friendship of the author and J. Robert Oppenheimer which re-
suited in the author being embroiled in the inquiry of Oppenheimer.
C o h e n , A b r a h a m ,
trans. and ed. The minor tractates of the Talmud. Lon-
don, Soncino, 1966. 2 vols.