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p p l e r
— A
n g lo
ew i sh
H a b e , H a n s .
The mission. Trans, from German by M. Bullock. London, Har-
rap, 1966. 256 p.
Fictional treatment of the Evian Conference on Refugees in 1938.
H a p g o o d , H u t c h i n s .
The spirit of the ghetto: studies of the Jewish quarter
of New York. Preface and notes by Harry Golden. London, Bailey Bros.,
1966. 300 p.
The material for this book was collected in 1902 before the great
flood of East European Jews to many parts of New York. Includes illus-
trations of the earliest published work of Jacob Epstein.
d ’H a r c o u r t , P i e r r e .
The real enemy. London, Longmans 1967. 186
p .
Memoirs of a former prisoner at Buchenwald Camp.
H a r r i s , H u g h ,
ed. The Jewish year book, 1967 (5727-5728). London, Jew-
ish Chronicle, 1966. 332 p.
H a u g h t o n ,
R. The young Moses. London, Parrish, 1966. 144 p. (Famous
Childhood Series)
H a u s n e r , G i d e o n .
Justice in Jerusalem: the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Lon-
don, Nelson, 1967. 528 p.
The author was chief prosecutor at the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem
in 1961 and gives his own account of the preparations for and conduct
of the trial together with the legal and political background to the con-
troversy it aroused.
H e i m l e r , E u g e n e ,
ed. Resistance against tyranny. London, Routledge, 1966.
176 p.
Illustrations of the human spirit combatting tyranny.
H e n r i q u e s , R o b e r t .
Sir Robert Waley Cohen: 1877-1952. London, Seeker
&Warburg, 1966. 424 p.
Biography of a former president of the United Synagogue.
H e r b e r g , W i l l .
Judaism and modern man: an interpretation of Jewish
religion. London, Harper & Row, 1966. 196 p. (Harper Torchbooks)
An existentialist view.
H e r m a n , Z v i .
Peoples, seas and ships. Trans, from French
b y
Len Ortzen.
London, Phoenix House, 1966. 222 p. 113 illustrations.
A study of the beginnings of deep-sea voyaging among Phoenicians,
Greeks, Hebrews and other ancient peoples, by the managing director
of the Israeli Zim Lines.
H e t t e n a ,
P.H.G. Know your Bible quiz: the Old Testament. London, author.
1966. 88 p.
H i l s e n r a d , H e l e n .
Brown was the Danube. London, Yoseloff, 1966. 480 p.
Jewish life in Vienna under Nazi occupation.
H i l s e n r a t h , E d g a r .
Night. Trans, from German by Michael Roloff. Lon-
W .H .
Allen, 1967. 515 p.
A novel based on the author’s own experiences in ghetto and concen-
tration camp, set in a Rumanian ghetto where Jews were being concen-
trated prior to the “final solution.”
H i r s z o w i t z , L u k a s z .
The Third Reich and the Arab East. London, Rout-
ledge, 1966. 403 p. (Studies in Political History)
The author, lecturer in modern history in the oriental faculty of War-
saw University, presents a comprehensive study of Nazi policy in the
Middle East based on East and West Archives.