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p p l e r
— A
n g lo
ew i sh
K o p s , B e r n a r d .
The dissent of Dominick Shapiro. London, MacGibbon &
Kee, 1966.
A novel.
K o r n , B e r t r a m
W. American Jewry and the Civil War. London, Harper &
Row, 1966. 374 p. (Harper Torchbooks)
K r a u s , H a n s J o a c h i m .
Worship in Israel: a cultic history of the Old Testa-
ment. Trans, from German by Geoffrey Buswell. Oxford, Basil Black-
well, 1966. 246 p.
K r a u s , O t a ,
K u l k a , E r i c h .
The death factory: document on Ausch-
witz. Trans, from Czech by S. Jolly. Oxford, Pergamon, 1966. 284 p.
A sober documentary account of Auschwitz II by two survivors that
was used as evidence in the Auschwitz trial.
L a n d i s , J o s e p h
C., ed. and trans. The Dybbuk and other great Yiddish
plays. London, Bantam, 1966. 252 p.
L e u n e r ,
H.D. When compassion was a crime. London, Wolff, 1966. 164 p.
Did Hitler corrupt the moral sense of Germany or terrorise it with
submission? The author suggests he did both but that there were some
who with super-human courage rose above the temper of the Third Reich.
L i t v i n o f f , B a r n e t t .
Road to Jerusalem: Zionist imprint on history. London,
Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1966. 311 p.
L o e w e , R a p h a e l .
The position of women in Judaism. London, S.P.C.K. and
Hillel, 1966. 64 p.
L o e w e , R a p h a e l ,
ed. Studies in rationalism, Judaism, universalism: in
memory of Leon Roth. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1966. 356 p.
Contributions by A. Altmann, S. H. Bergman, D. Daube, N. N.
Glatzer, L. Jacobs, R. Loewy, I. Maybaum, A. Neher, D. Raphael,
K. Wilhelm, N. Rotenstreich, J. D. Schmidt.
L o n g w o r t h , P h i l i p ,
ed. Confrontations with Judaism: a symposium. Lon-
don, Blond, 1966. 231 p. (The Great Society)
Critical assessment of Judaism today and how it has or has not been
adapted to the modern world. Contributions by Henri Baruk, David
Miller, Raphael Loewe, Irwing Yacs, Arthur Cohen, Rosemary Friedman.
M a im o n i d e s , M o s e s .
Treatise on poisons and their antidotes. Ed. by M.
Suessman. London, Pitman, 1966. 131 p.
M a r i a n o , N i c k y .
Forty years with Berenson. London, Hamish Hamilton,
1966. 350 p.
An intimate memoir.
M e n d e l s o n ,
M.L. Marcel Janco. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1967. 130 p.
M i n n e y ,
R.J. I shall fear no evil. London, Kimber, 1966. 223 p.
The story of Dr. Alina Brewda who was in the notorious Block 10 at
Auschwitz and as a doctor defied the authorities to save the lives of
patients under her care.
M o d d e r ,
F. The Jew in the literature of England. London, Harper & Row,
1966. 331 p. (Harper Torchbooks)
M o r t o n , F r e d e r i c k .
The Schatten affair. London, Hutchinson, 1966. 309 p.
A story about a Jew who returns to Germany after World War II.