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p p l e r
— A
ng lo
ew i sh
S c h n e i d e r , P e t e r .
Sweeter than honey: Christian presence amid Judaism.
London, S.C.M. Press, 1966. 196 p.
A Protestant scholars introduction to Judaism for Christians and
an attempt to analyse the Christian roots of anti-Semitism.
S c h n e i r , W a l d e r
M i r i a m .
Invitation to an inquest. London,
W .H .
Allen, 1966. 480 p.
Carefully documented investigation into the trial and execution of
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The author claims that they were victims
of the anti-Communist hysteria prevalent in the U.S. at the time.
S c h w a r z , L e o W a l d e r ,
ed. The Jewish Caravan: rev. and enlarged. Lon-
don, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966. 829 p.
An anthology of stories from Jewish literature.
S h a f t e s l e y , J o h n
M., ed. Remember the days: essays in honour of Cecil
Roth. London, Jewish Historical Society of England, 1967. 404 p.
Essays written in honour of Cecil Roth by his friends and colleagues
on the Council of the Jewish Historical Society of England, mostly
contributions to Anglo-Jewish historiography. The volume includes a
bibliography of the writings of Cecil Roth.
S h a w , R o b e r t .
The man in the glass booth. London, Chatoo & Windus,
1967. 224 p.
A novel based on the Eichmann trial.
S im o n , L e o n ,
ed. Ahad Ha-am: selected essays. London, Harper & Row,
1966. 257 p.
S i n g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
Short Friday and other stories. London, Seeker &
Warburg, 1967. 243 p.
Sixteen short stories.
- • ׳. In my father’s court. London, Seeker &Warburg, 1967. 307 p.
The author recalls his childhood in a Warsaw slum where his father
was a rabbi.
S p i e g e l , S h a l o m .
Hebrew reborn. London, Haroer & Row, 1966. 221
p. (Harper Torchbooks)
S t e i n e r , J e a n - F r a n c o i s .
Treblinka. Trans, from French by Helen Weaver.
London, Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1967. 336 p.
Reconstruction of the revolt of Jewish prisoners in Treblinka.
S t r a c k ,
H.L. Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash. London, Harper &
Row, 1967. 301 p. (Harper Torchbooks)
S u e z :
ten years after. London, BBC Publications, 1967. 180
p .
The events of 1956 unravelled and reinterpreted in the light of pres-
ent day knowledge.
S y n a n , E d w a r d
A. The popes and the Jews in the middle ages. Preface
b y
John M. Oesterreicher. London, Collier-Macmillan, 1966. 246 p.
Father Synan presents the views of medieval popes on conversion, the
holding of public office by Jews and the position of Jews in the Middle
T e l l e r , J u d d
L. The Jews: biography of a
p e o D l e .
London, Bantam, 1966.
320 p.
A survey of Jewish history.
Textus: annual of the Hebrew University Bible project. Ed. by S. Talmon.
Oxford, University Press, 1967. 166 p.