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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
forms of presentation. This was also the herculean task confront-
ing the editors of the seventh volume of the
Yidishe En tsik loped ie:
Serie Yidn
which, like its predecessor, is devoted to the study of
the Holocaust. The task consisted of defining the problem, draw-
ing its contours, introducing order into a naturally disordered
subject matter, and casting it into a meaningful form. The editors
of the above-mentioned volume, Abraham Kin, Dr. Mordecai
Kosover and Isaiah Trunk, discharged this task so admirably
that the judges, Dr. Erich Goldhagen, Dr. Elias Schulman and
the writer voted to present the Leon Jolson Award to them.
“These three men, one of whom has been called to his eternal
reward, are no novices in the realm of Jewish letters. The late
Abraham Kin, whose prize will be given to his widow, Mrs. Brocha
Kin, began his literary career in 1913 with the publication of a
Yiddish periodical
D i Folksshtime.
In the 1920’s he was one of
the moving spirits of the Yiddish publishing house “Klal Farlag”
in Berlin. Later on he was active in the
Yidishe En tsik loped ie
secretary and co-editor.
“Dr. Mordecai Kosover, associate professor of Hebrew and
Hebrew literature in Brooklyn College, is the author of a book
on Jewish culture and Yiddish linguistics
Yidishe Maykho lim ,
another on Yiddish bilingualism
A rabic E lements in Palestinian
Y iddish,
and numerous studies in Hebrew and Yiddish. He is a
member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Teachers Seminary
and of the Board of Directors of the YIVO Institute for Jewish
“Isaiah Trunk, Senior Researcher of the Documentary Project
of YIVO, is the author of
Lodzher Geto ,
a study of the Jews in
Lodz under the Germans;
A Shtudie vegn der Geshikhte fun Yidn
in Varteland,
a study of the fate of the Jews in the areas of Western
Poland incorporated in the Reich;
Shtudies tsu der Geshikhte
fun Yidn in Poyln
and numerous studies in the history of East
European Jewry. He is a member of the Commission on Research
and chairman of the Historians’ Circle of YIVO.
“With glory to the departed, we voice best wishes to the
survivors for a long and creative life."
Isaac Siegel Memorial Award
The judges of the Isaac Siegel Memorial Award for a juvenile
book were Mrs. Sophia N. Cedarbaum, children’s librarian and
author, Mrs. Deborah Pessin, noted juvenile author, and Dr.
Morris Epstein, editor of
World Over
magazine for children.
The $400 award and a citation were awarded to Meyer Levin.
In his presentation Dr. Epstein noted: