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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion; and Marvin
Lowenthal, well-known author and literary critic. Mr. Lowenthal,
in presenting the award of $400 and the citation, said:
“Needless to say—though I ’m saying it anyway—I feel honored
at being appointed to present the Frank and Ethel S. Cohen
Award for a work on Jewish thought. And I am gratified to find
the judges, on whose behalf I speak, unanimous in our choice.
“I am very happy that we accord the award to Dr. Nahum M.
Sarna, now on the faculty of Brandeis University. With it—we
can't nickname it an Oscar or a Tony, why not a Solomon or a
Rambam?—goes only a modest monetary token but a bounteous
measure of congratulations and good wishes. May Dr. Sarna go
from strength to strength!
“His book is
Understanding Genesis,
published by the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America and by McGraw-Hill Book
Company; it is the first volume of the Melton Research Series on
the Heritage of Biblical Israel.
"Understanding Genesis
is primarily directed to readers, young
and old, who have little positive interest in the Bible, or have a
bias against it, largely because of a 'credibility gap.' Starting with
Genesis they doubt it, distrust it, or reject it as history, as science,
as religion.
“Based on modern archaeological discoveries and the recovery
of ancient documents, Dr. Sarna’s book will help to dispel many
anti-Biblical misapprehensions and misjudgments. It opens the
door to new and true vistas on the Biblical world. And it will
widen the horizons of already knowledgable Bible-lovers. It will
renew the zest for old and neglected delights in Biblical scholar-